Toyota Yaris GR- An Absolute Beast on The Road

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Overview of Toyota Yaris GR

Gazoo Racing, the motorsports and performance division of Toyota, developed the Toyota Yaris GR. It is a high-performance version of the Toyota Yaris. Hence, the name Toyota Yaris GR. The heritage held by Yaris GR is of particular interest. Yaris GR is a fusion of knowledge and technology. Gazoo Racing co-developed it with the geniuses of the Racing World Rally Team. Hence, it is a product of the World Rally Championship.

The involvement of Gazoo Racing in the development of Yaris GR has raised the expectations of all. Yaris GR is sportier, powerful and like a beast on the road. Toyota is determined and confident with the offerings of Yaris GR. According to Toyota, the advanced technology used in Yaris GR is one of its kind. The GR-FOUR in Yaris GR is the first sports AWD system by Toyota in 20 years.

Origin and Evolution

Toyota Yaris GR has its roots in the World Rally Championship (WRC) and Toyota Gazoo Racing. Toyota has actively participated in the World Rally Championship with the Toyota Yaris WRC, a rally car. While WRC is a specialized, powerful rally car, Toyota had to come up with a road-friendly version of it. Toyota Yaris GR, launched in early 2020, is the result of WRC’s requirement for Toyota to manufacture road-legal versions of their rally cars.

The development of Yaris GR takes its keynotes from Toyota Yaris WRC, especially in terms of design and performance. With the Yaris GR, Toyota aimed to provide a race-bred sports car with cutting-edge performance. With the turbocharged engine and a lightweight but robust body, the Yaris GR is a warrior on the road. Till now, Yaris GR has been produced in limited quantity to enhance its desirability among race enthusiasts and keep up with its exclusivity.

Power, Performance and Efficiency

The specs of the engine of the GR Yaris are remarkable. The turbocharged and direct/port-injected engine accounts for the jaw-dropping performance of the Yaris GR on the road. The 1.6 liter G16E-GTS three-cylinder engine is pure perfection that generates 192–200 kW power and 360–370 N⋅m of torque. The engine is mated to a 6-speed V-16 series intelligent manual transmission (iMT). The GR-FOUR refers to the permanent four-wheel drive system.

Together, this powerful engine configuration produces 0-100 km/h of acceleration in 5.2-5.5 seconds. The electronic limit of top speed is 230 km/h (143 mph). The sport-tuned suspension of Yaris GR makes it perform exceptionally well on roads and even tracks if desired. The vehicle offers supreme traction and control, and you will experience the same seamless drive-in various road and drive conditions.

Yaris GR is a lightweight, super-efficient car. While it prioritizes power and performance, there is no compromise on fuel efficiency. The engine is small in size, and instead of natural aspiration, it works on the principle of turbocharging, making it more efficient.

Exploring the Interior Features

While the exterior and the engine emphasize the sporty side of the Yaris GR, the interior is fully committed to the comfort of the passengers. The seating is very relaxing. However, they are supportive enough to hold the passengers on a dashing ride. The seats have a thicker urethane padding, which minimizes the pressure beneath the pelvic base of the rider.

The padding under the base of the spine is kept thinner. The internal rear rod increases pressure when moved forward. All these features contribute to maintaining the balance on a bumpy ride. The driver’s seat has unique features, such as a range of heights, fore-aft, and manual adjustment of the seatback angle. In the three-door trim levels, the front seats have an enhanced tipping angle.

In higher trim levels, premium quality material is used for seat upholstery, such as Alcantara or leather. Such material gives a luxurious yet sporty touch to the interior without compromising on comfort throughout the ride. On the interior, the steering wheel grabs the most attention. It gives off a spirited outlook with gripping material on its exterior. The bottom of the steering wheel is flat. The steering also includes functions for audio and other features.

The aluminum pedals in Yaris GR are not liked by customers, prioritizing aesthetics in the interior. However, if your priority is a powerful sporty drive, the Aluminum pedals are the right choice as they offer excellent grip. The interior has accents, such as contrast stitching and carbon fiber, reinforcing the vehicle’s theme. The GR badges and aluminum trim pieces give exclusivity to the cabin.

Color options

Yaris GR comes in a variety of excellent color options. However, this varies with model year, make and availability. Generally, the higher trim levels offer more colors that complement the sporty exterior of the GR.

•             Super White

•             Scarlet Flare

•             Precious Black

•             Platinum White Pearl

•             Typhoon Silver

•             Neptune Blue

•             Lava Red

•             Solid Black

Exploring the Infotainment Technology

The Infotainment System typically consists of a 4.2-inch TFT color multi-information touchscreen display. The screen features navigation and offers smartphone integration for Android and iOS. USB ports and Bluetooth connectivity are available as per the standard. The sound system features a powerful speaker to accompany you in your zesty race on the tracks. The enhanced audio experience offered by Yaris GR is one of a kind.

Space and Storage in Toyota Yaris GR

Typically, a Yaris GR accommodates two to four passengers. Like other sports cars, the Yaris GR also prioritizes the front seats with additional focus on their comfort and seating configuration. The vehicle is compact, so the cargo space is quite limited. The primary focus of the overall design is performance rather than storage. So, it may not be able to accommodate more oversized items.

The rear seats offer decent legroom and headroom, but not ample. The rear seats can be used as additional storage or for occasional seating purposes. The interior also has various storage spaces like all other vehicles. Storage compartments and pockets ideally serve to hold small items.

Toyota Yaris GR’s Stand Among Competitors

Regarding power and performance, Yaris GR holds a significant place among its competitors. With its powerful engine, sport-oriented suspension, and all-wheel drive, GR stands tall in the market. Another unique feature that makes Yaris GR stand out is its exclusivity. The automotive market is full of options, and every other option seems to be the perfect fit for one’s needs. However, very few in the market make their mark by their exclusivity. Yaris GR is one such name. Yaris’s limited production by Toyota makes it attractive, and that’s just one of many things that make Yaris GR a top-notch vehicle.

An underestimated fact about Yaris GR is its Rally heritage. Very few people truly understand the uniqueness of the sporty DNA of Yaris GR and the excellence that comes with it. Yaris GR also compensates for its affordable price tag. It offers a substantial value for money to the buyers, which many big names don’t. For people who enjoy spirited driving but are not skilled enough to participate in racing, Yaris GR is a perfect fit. It gives the race car experience on the road, and that’s the exact motive behind its manufacture. Its lightweight gives the ultimate sporty experience, which is one of its kind.


  • Agile performance
  • Rally-inspired design
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Offers exclusivity


  • Limited interior space
  • Less emphasis on rear seating


Model yearPricing
Drive Abilities

In Yaris GR, different driving modes are available. They allow you to adjust the settings, such as the throttle response, suspension, and the feel of the steering. Such settings help a great deal in enhancing the drive of any car. The numerics of acceleration, which are already discussed above, are fantastic for a car of this build. The engine particularly exhilarates the driving experience and takes it to another level.

The Yaris GR has a high-performance braking system that provides strong stopping power. This sort of confident and controlled braking is exclusive to racing cars only. The car has quick and responsive steering that offers excellent control to the driver snd offers a connection to the road.


Yaris GR competes with high-performing vehicles. It is not a regular SUV or Sedan. It is undoubtedly more significant than that due to its lightweight body and out-class engine. For people looking for a unique driving experience or someone who admires race cars, Yaris GR will be a perfect choice. Although the storage on the interior is compromised, you won’t be disappointed with its performance on the road and track.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much horsepower does the Yaris GR have?

The Yaris GR typically features a turbocharged engine that produces around 257 to 268 horsepower.

Is the Yaris GR suitable for daily driving, or is it just for track use?

While the Yaris GR is a high-performance car, it’s designed for daily driving and occasional track use. It’s the balance of power and agility that makes it suitable

for both.

Is the Yaris GR a limited-edition model?

The Yaris GR is often produced in limited quantities, which adds to its exclusivity and appeal among enthusiasts.

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