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Overview of Subaru Forester Touring

A decent pick among the 2024 family-friendly SUVs is the Subaru Forester Touring. The Forester Touring is highly anticipated among various trim levels of the Subaru Forester. Its popularity among other trim levels is due to its comfortable interior, premium upholstery, and well-performing engine. The best feature of this vehicle is its longevity, which makes it an ideal family SUV. Its enhanced safety features and driver assistance technologies make it even more family-friendly. Monetarily, Subaru Touring is an intelligent choice and a wise investment.

Origin and Evolution

The Subaru Forester was introduced in 1997. The earlier generation models were designed on the Impreza style, featuring a taller station wagon. Till 2002, the design was less of an SUV; hence, the cargo space was more. By the second generation, the design shifted and was a comfortable alternative to the traditional SUV. This generation also had improved engines.

The 2009-13 generation witnessed a significant design shift. The overall look became less boxy, catering to the exact demands of a small SUV. With this change, the overall look became more mainstream, and this is where Forester lost its exclusivity. The infotainment system rapidly evolved in this generation.

The 2014-18 redesign focused on developing an off-road capability. Safety features were also enhanced, and so was the engine in all the trim levels. The latest generation of Subaru Forester has an improved interior cabin. All models in this generation have an all-wheel drive, with enhanced driver assistance and safety features. Subaru Forester Touring is a part of its 2023 lineup.

Power, Performance and Efficiency

Touring features a 2.5-litre, naturally aspirated flat-four engine, which generates 182 horsepower engine power along with 176 lb-ft of torque. Weight-wise, Touring is slightly higher, which might affect its performance and handling. The powertrain of Touring is decent not very much thrilling as someone might expect from the name. The initial acceleration is good enough but not as swift, which aligns perfectly with the purpose and mindset behind the Subaru Forester Touring.

From a standstill (0 mph), Forester Touring takes 8.5 seconds to reach 60 mph. It takes Touring 16.5 seconds to cover a quarter mile from a standstill. With this statistic, Touring might not be the choice for someone looking for a sporty engine and high-performing vehicle. However, it is adequate in the role of a family SUV.

Exploring the interior features

The combination of Black and Terracotta color schemes will steal your attention and admiration at first glance at the interior. The next notable thing on the interior is the premium seating. The overall interior cabin is consistent with Subaru’s signature style. On the seating side, Touring offers the typical five-passenger seating.

The front seats are relaxing and can accommodate taller occupants without compromising space. The driving seat offers adjustments for an ideal driving position. The front passenger seat is also manually adjustable. The seating is roomy on the rear and can accommodate three kids or two adults.

Upholstery can be upgraded to leather (genuine and synthetic). Other upgrades include heated seats, steering wheel, and powered seat adjustments for front seats. Two sets of LATCH connectors are provided for the rear outboard seats for installing child safety seats.

The dual-zone climate control system is automatic. It is located below the infotainment screen and can be upgraded to the dual-zone climate control system. The overall interior appears to be occupied. A slight lack of design harmony can also be seen on the interior, especially around the dashboard, where the trim pieces have varied textures and shades of black.

Color Options

Crystal Black Silica

Cascade Green Silica

Magnetite Gray Metallic

Horizon Blue Pearl

Autumn Green Metallic

Crimson Red Pearl

Brilliant Bronze Metallic

Ice Silver Metallic

Crystal White Pearl

Exploring the Infotainment Technology

The infotainment system comprises an 8-inch screen and a multi-function display above the dashboard. Connectivity options include Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and two USB ports. A setback in the infotainment system is the complex location of these USB ports underneath the centre stack. A surprising feature in the infotainment system is the compact disc player, a nostalgic pick from Subaru.

The sound system comprises the four-speaker stereo, which is quite decent. The dual-zone climate control is automatic. Upgrades in the infotainment system include a Wi-Fi hotspot, two additional USB ports and six- and nine-speaker sound systems. Overall, the infotainment system is smartly designed yet simple. It has easy-to-operate physical controls.

Space and Storage

In the realm of family-friendly SUVs, Forester Touring has solid grounds. Its backseat is more spacious and roomy as compared to its competitors. The side windows are boxier, allowing for ample ventilation. The panoramic moonroof also adds to this feature, giving an aesthetic view of the outside. The reclining space of the front seats is sufficient without compromising the legroom of the rear seats.

In terms of cargo space, Subaru offers 28.9 cubic feet of area. In the latest generation of Forester, the cargo space was published to be approximately 35.4 cubic feet. However, the latest models, including the sunroof, fell short by a few cubic feet. However, considering using the Subaru Forester Touring, 28.9 is an ample storage space.

Subaru Forester Touring’s stand among competitors

No SUV in the market can be labelled as the only best because consumers have varied demands and priorities. So, no answer fits in all the categories. While answering this, it is important to closely analyze the close contenders. The SUV market is highly competitive, and Forester Touring has many competitors. These include the Jeep Cherokee, Honda CR-V, Mazda CX-5, Ford Escape, Chevrolet Equinox, Toyota RAV4, and Nissan Rogue. Other rivals include the Hyundai Tucson, Kia Sportage, Mitsubishi Outlander, and Volkswagen Tiguan. All these are the best-selling ones in the market along with Touring.

On comparing engine dynamics among competitors, the acceleration of time of Touring and its competitors is quite the same. However, two of the lots, i.e., the Cherokee and CX-5 (with optional turbo engine), are way ahead of others in reaching the standard benchmark of 60 mph (6.6 sec and 6.4 sec, respectively). Forester Touring reaches the 60 mph benchmark in 8.3 seconds. Escape, Equinox, and Rogue take 8.4, 8.7, and 9.5 seconds to reach 60 mph, making their engine less efficient than the Touring.

After analyzing the speed averages and engine performance, the ride quality of Touring gives tough competition to contenders with expensive price tags. Touring does a decent job by blocking the noise of the wind and giving an ultimate ride experience on the inside. Touring has a flat-four engine type, unlike the turbocharged engines of Cherokee, CR-V, Escape, and Equinox.

The design of Forester Touring is centred around functionality. The boxy design makes the interior more useful and cargo-friendly. The placement of seating is such that it provides exceptional visibility of the road without compromising on the headroom. Compared to competitors, the RAV4 has a flashier look as its headlights are angular.

The cargo space of Subaru Forester Touring is less than that of its competitors. Hyundai Tucson, CR-V and RAV4 have almost 10 cubic feet more cargo space than Forester Touring. However, 10 cubic feet isn’t a considerably ample space. The seating inside Touring is more comfortable and spacious than that of the competitors.


  • Value for money
  • Available upgradations
  • Premium trim level


  • Few ergonomic drawbacks


Subaru ForesterStarting Price
Drive Abilities

Subaru Forester range features the All-Wheel Drive (AWD) in all its trim levels, including the Touring. The 17-inch alloy wheels, a hill descent control, and driver assist controls enhance the drive abilities. The leather-wrapped steering of the Forester Touring is light to handle. Its softly sprung suspension enhances the body roll when driven at its limits. The brake pedal is soft and requires less pressure. Resultantly, it provides a smooth barking experience, which improves the drive.

However, the pedals must be pressed significantly before the brakes engage. The downward nosedive shifts the weight to the front axle at hard deceleration. From a speed of 60 mph, the stopping distance is consistent with the typical figure, i.e. 125 feet.


To make a final point, the Subaru Forester Touring is an all-rounder. In a very affordable range, you can get an overall good performer. As a family-friendly SUV, as many call it, you will not be disappointed by the offerings. Touring is a premium trim level offered by Subaru, giving tough competition to its contenders. Once you have your hands on it, you will see that the Subaru Forester Touring is nothing less of a friend on the road, a friend you must have!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Subaru Forester Touring good for an off-road drive?

Subaru’s Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system conquers the highways and byways with ease. It is ready to tackle the dirt, snow, or mud with you.

Can the Subaru Forester Touring tow a boat?

Touring has a 1,500-pound towing capacity with plenty of strength to tow your boat.

What is Subaru Forester EyeSight?

Subaru EyeSight is a safety package with features including adaptive cruise control, pre-collision control, lane-keep assist, sway warning, and Pre-Collision Throttle Management.

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