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Overview of Honda Prologue

Honda has earned a name in automotive excellence. Honda Prologue is not just any other Honda vehicle but a statement symbol of Honda’s commitment to innovation and sustainability. Prologue, being the first all-electric SUV by Honda, plays a pivotal role in the company’s electrification strategy.

The Prologue has a sturdy design with an addition of contemporary touches that make it an evolutionarily durable addition to the Honda family. With its fast charging capacity, Prologue offers a seamless drive inside and outside the city. This SUV offers fun-to-drive dynamics, which makes it an ideal option, considering the generous interior spacing.

Origin and Evolution

With its electrification strategy, Honda is working its way to achieve the goal of attaining 100% zero-emission auto-mobile sales by 2040 in North America. For this, Honda will introduce 30 new E.V.s by 2030. In this regard, Honda and General Motors have joined hands and Honda Prologue is the second production of this dynamic collaboration, after the Acura ZDX. General Motors is the genius behind the E.V. architecture and, the Ultium batteries and other basic blocks of Prologue.

The Honda  Prologue is set to make its mark in the sustainable automotive market in 2024. Till now, Honda has unveiled three trim levels of Prologue: EX, Touring, and Elite.

Power, Performance and Efficiency

The Honda Prologue is available in both Front-wheel (FWD) and all-wheel drive (AWD) options. The EX and Touring trims in FWD have a single electric motor for the front wheels. An 85-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack powers it. The horsepower details of it are yet to be disclosed by Honda. The AWD models have an additional motor on the rear wheels. The two motors combine to raise the torque and elevate it to 333 lb.-ft. of torque and 388 horsepower. This setup is the standard for Prologue Elite trim. However, it can be attained optionally on the EX and Touring trims.

Exploring the Interior Features

The spacious cabin on the inside is the most highlighted feature of the Honda Prologue. The interior cabin takes its inspiration from the one of Civic, Accord, and Pilot. However, Prologues takes this uplift to another level. The overall look is simple, which gives a minimal and fresh touch to the interior. Thanks to these features, the interior cabin is airy and comfortable. If topped with the panoramic roof, the ventilation is enhanced further, making up for a breezy and pleasant interior.

The furnishings used on the interior are of high-quality material. The EX trim level comes in two upholstery combinations. Black and charcoal or charcoal and light-grey cloth upholstery have accent color stitching.

The Touring trim level comes with similar upholstery combinations. However, Prologue Elite comes with black and charcoal, brown and black or charcoal and light gray perforated leather surfaces with accent color stitching.

The front seats are heated and ventilated in all trim levels. Other interior features include an 8-way power driver’s seat with 2-way power lumbar, dual-zone climate control, memory driver seat, leather-wrapped steering wheel, auto-dimming rearview mirror and front and rear parking assist. The seats offer two recline angles to add to the comfort of passengers. 

Color Options

  • Mercury Silver Metallic
  • Raven Black
  • Scarlet Red Metallic
  • Snowfall Pearl
  • Pacific Blue Metallic
  • Sonic Grey Pearl
Exploring the Infotainment Technology

The 11.3-inch infotainment touchscreen takes away the limelight on the interior of the Prologue. It’s in the middle of the dashboard. The infotainment system also offers the Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity options.

An 11-inch digital gauge display is also included, along with a wireless smartphone charging pad. In the higher trim level of Elite, a head-up display is also included. The front console also features a wireless smartphone charger, which is standard in all trim levels. The sound system features a Bose stereo system with tweeter speakers in Touring and Elite models. The in-dash navigation system uses Google Maps.

Space and Storage

By now, it is quite clear that the interior cabin of the Honda Prologue is quite spacious. The interior space is 136.9 cubic feet, featuring a larger front-to-rear seat tandem distance. Five people can be comfortably accommodated in the Honda Prologue.

Between the front seats on the center console, the column-mounted shifter offers valuable space. The interior is designed as such to enhance the storage capacity. The two-tiered console offers more storage options than usual. For the front seats, a multi-use tray is provided that can accommodate two smartphones side-by-side. A pair of cup holders is also located along with the tray, each with a holding capacity of 32 fl—Oz bottle.

The cargo space offered in the Honda Prologue is quite generous. Its 25.2 cu.-ft cargo space can fit all the passenger’s luggage, and you will be good to go for a family vacation. The cargo is expandable up to 57.7 cu.-ft by folding the rear seats.

Honda Prologue’s stand among competitors

Honda Prologue is a one-of-its-kind Electric Vehicle. With its launch in 2024, it will be a subject of interest to many. Till now, the specs of the Chevrolet Blazer EV, Acura ZDX, and Ford Mustang Mach-E seem to be competitive with the Honda Prologue. Among all the features, the range is very critical and is often compared among competitors. Prologue is estimated to give a range of 290-300 miles, while ZDX is expected to give a range of 288-315 miles. In this comparison, Chevrolet Blazer tops the competition with a range of 320 miles. 

However, according to experts, the range of Prologue depends on a few other factors as well. A point to ponder here is that Prologue comes in two wheel sizes, the 19-inch and the 21-inch orientation. For both, the weight distribution will vary, which can impact the range of the vehicle. It will increase in the 21-inch wheel orientation and vice versa.

Similarly, another critical factor is the number of motors. The single motor configuration in FWD is expected to deliver a range of higher than 300 miles. As a result, the FWD configuration will have a better efficiency.

In power comparison among the competitors, Acura ZDX generates the most, i.e., 340-500 horsepower. While Prologue offers a decent 388 horsepower, Mach-E offers 266-480 horsepower. Consequently, the torque of all three competitors varies as well. Honda Prologue and Mustang Mach-E offer 333 lb-ft and 317-650 lb-ft torque, respectively.

In the end, the comparison funnels down to the price. It can be concluded that Honda Prologue is a decent bid for its price tag. While the Acura ZDX is on the pricier side, the starting retail price of the 2023 Ford Mustang gives tough competition to the Honda Prologue as the former is priced less and has competitive features.

The overall say is that Prologue is competitive, and the E.V. automotive market is eager to have its hands on it. A more conclusive comparison can be made once more is revealed by Honda. However, till then, it won’t be unjust to say that on all parameters, the 2023 Ford Mustang can pose a tough competition for  Honda Prologue after its release.


Offers advanced safety control

Decent driving range

Large infotainment screen


Hybrid engineering


Trim Level of 2024  Honda PrologueEstimated Pricing
Prologue EX$48,000
Prologue Touring$55,000

Drive Abilities

Being an E.V., the drive abilities of Honda Prologue are of particular interest to the anticipators. According to Honda, the single motor-powered Prologue EX will have an EPA-estimated driving range of 300 miles. Honda claims it poses a competition to big names of E.V., such as Tesla. The drive is also aided by a smartphone app that enables the users to find and connect with nearby D.C. fast charging stations. Payment there is also facilitated by the same app. Charging packages are also available to add to the convenience.

The security features further enhance the entire drive experience. These include the automatic emergency braking system, the adaptive cruise control system and the traffic sign recognition system. In addition, the lane-keeping system and the pedestrian warning alert system are also included.


With Prologue being its first electric SUV, Honda is all set to make its entry into the E.V. automotive industry. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that expectations are quite high from Prologue. Although Honda has not completely revealed the specs, people seem to love it already. When it comes to E.V.s, charging continues to be a problem for many. To support its consumers and its commitment to sustainability, Honda plans to build out a high-speed, brand-neutral charging network in the U.S. and Canada in 2024. The goal is to have 30,000 high-powered (350 kW+) charge points at 1,350 charging stations. So, if the hassle of charging is stopping you from buying the Prologue, then Honda has got you covered.


Will the Honda Prologue be all-wheel drive?

Honda Prologue is available in both front-wheel and all-wheel drive options.

How fast is the Honda Prologue?

Honda Prologue offers a maximum speed of 130 miles per hour.

What is the ground clearance of a Honda Prologue?

For a more encompassing view, a great ground clearance of 7.8 inches will be sufficient.

How long does it take to charge a Honda Prologue E.V. battery?

The battery goes from 50% to full in approximately 5-6 hours.

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