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Overview of Citroën C6

Citroën is a well-known French auto manufacturer that has a good and detailed history of distinctive design and innovation. They have always remained true to their commitment to luxury and comfort. The Citroën C6 is emblematic of the brand, which comes as a luxury sedan and is characterized by unique yet bold design elements.

The vehicle is super spacious from the inside, making anyone feel special when they travel in the C6. It is comfortable, too, from both the passengers and driver’s point of view. It can be considered one of the safest cars on the road as it’s the first one to achieve four stars for pedestrian protection.

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Origin and Evolution

Citroën is a French automaker that was founded by André Citroën in 1919 as a part of Group PSA. They stood as a popular brand throughout, having people and lifestyle as their main inspiration. When it comes to ride, comfort, quality, and performance, Citroën doesn’t fail to impress.

Citroën C6 is yet another top-notch vehicle that was introduced in 2005 and stood as a luxury sedan. The idea for this vehicle developed with the concept of different concept cars that have been developed in the early 2000s, like the Citroën C6 Lignage in 1999. With the concept of these cars, we could see the vision of Citroën for a luxury sedan having advanced technology and aesthetic design elements.

The production version of the Citroën C6 was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in the year 2005. These vehicles retained a lot of elements from the concept cars, including the aerodynamic profile and sleek design. Here is the detail of the total production unit of the C6:

Year Worldwide Units Production

The curvaceous body was one of its standing features. Other than that, the Citroën C6 was known for its advanced hydropneumatic suspension system, which was also a hallmark of Citroën’s engineering.

It was a luxurious vehicle, having a spacious interior and high-quality materials. Though it was quite a unique car, Citroën C6 faced a lot of challenges during the time it remained in the market. This car mainly had strong competitors from the German luxury automakers, including BMW and Audi.

Things didn’t go smoothly for Citroën C6 for a long time; hence, its production ceased in 2012 as the total unit production reached 23,400 units. It faced poor sales and a lot of economic challenges. No direct successor of Citroën C6 has been produced ever since. A car named C6 has been produced in China since 2016, which is based on the PSA EMP2 Platform. Citroën just reused the C6 name.

Power, Performance, and Efficiency

The 2005 Citroën C6 is equipped with a 3.0L V6 engine, which is capable of producing 211 horsepower, which is sufficient for everyday cruising through the city streets. With the 3.0L displacement, the vehicle gets an amazing balance of power and torque. That said, this car offers 290 Nm of torque at 3750 RPM, which allows for smooth acceleration.

The 3.0L V6 engine is combined with a 6-speed automatic transmission that gives a refined and comfortable ride. Since the power is distributed to the front wheels, it results in a relatively fuel-efficient setup for a luxury sedan. Though it doesn’t turn out to be a high-performance vehicle, the engine still allows for smooth acceleration and maintains a good highway speed with great ease.

Exploring the Interior Features

First off, there are plush leather seats in the cabin that are stylish, ergonomic, and heated. They are super comfortable and supportive. Adding more to it, there is a generous rear legroom inside, allowing tall-heighted adults to adjust easily in the car. There is also a user-friendly control system for adjusting the hydropneumatic suspension that enables the drivers to customize the ride height according to their preferences.

The quality material is used throughout the cabin, which is soft at the touch and gives a luxurious yet inviting ambiance. There is also an elegant dashboard with a beautiful layout and central infotainment display, contributing to the modernity of the vehicle.

Color Options

There was a wide range of exterior color options available for the Citroën C6. The colors add a hint of sophistication to the vehicle and also make it look stylish. That said, the options allow the buyers to personalize their C6 according to their needs.

Following were the exterior color options for the C6:

  • Admiral Blue
  • Deep Red
  • Ganache
  • Iron Grey
  • Mauritius Blue
  • Sable
  • Nova
  • Fulminator Gray
  • Suroit

Owners get the choice of picking their favorite color for the cabin as well. The common interior color choices include:

  • Black
  • Beige
  • Gray
  • Two-tone combinations, like black and beige or gray and black

Exploring the Infotainment Technology

The Citroën C6 has a good infotainment system considering its time. It consists of a central display for navigation, and depending on the trim and model year, it includes Bluetooth connectivity, a touchscreen interface, and smartphone navigation.

The display is crisp and super amazing, providing clear visibility for all the essential functions. Its C6 sound system is also good at delivering top-notch audio quality.

Space and Storage in Citroën C6

The Citroën C6 is quite a spacious vehicle, having ample legroom and headroom for both the front and rear passengers. The space is enough for comfortable and executive travel. As for the cargo volume, there is 419 L of space, offering practical storage for all your belongings and luggage. You will also find a lot of storage solutions inside the cabin for smaller items.

Safety Features

This vehicle has a very high safety level as it provides a secure and comfortable driving experience. First things first, there are airbags, including front, side, and curtain airbags; an anti-lock braking system to prevent wheel lockup during hard braking; advanced braking assist, electronic stability control, traction control system, security system, child safety locks, and parking sensors. You may also get a tire pressure monitoring system that warns the driver of low tire pressure.

Citroën C6’s Stand Among Competitors

So far, we have very well understood that the Citroën C6 faced stiff competition in the luxury sedan segment, having rivals from the top German auto manufacturers. Some of its top rivals include the BMW 5 Series, the Audi A6, and the Mercedes-Benz E-Class. Though the Citroën C6 entered the market with a unique hydropneumatic suspension and distinctive design, its rivals had an advantage in terms of brand recognition. These rivals put more emphasis on advanced technology and sporty handling, which C6 generally lacked. The C6, on the other hand, has a spacious interior and ride comfort with distinctive French elegance.


✓      Super comfortable

✓      Spacious, particularly in terms of legroom

✓      Possess a unique and distinct style

✓      Made of high-quality materials


✘       It doesn’t have a good resale value

✘       Lacks sporty handling

✘       Vague steering

Decoding Fuel Economy of Citroën C6

As measured by the NEDC, the Citroën C6 is capable of achieving 14.4 mpg in the city, which is equivalent to 16.3 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers. However, the vehicle delivers around 28.7 mpg during high-speed, consistent cruising on highways. The combined fuel economy of the Citroën C6 is around 21 mpg, which is equal to 11.2 liters per 100 kilometers.


Citroën C6 Model YearPrice Range
2010$5,300 -$7,420
2009$3,392 – $3,902
2007$3,074 – $4,452
2006$2,968 – $3,604

 Drive Abilities

With a serene cabin and supportive seats, the Citroën C6 is truly fun to drive. This vehicle had a hydropneumatic suspension system, as discussed earlier, which allows for a plush ride and smooths out any imperfections on the road. You can expect precise handling and stability of the city streets. Having both gasoline and diesel engine variants, the C6 provides an amazing balance of fuel efficiency and power. While it provides an amazing experience on the road, some owners don’t find it engaging to drive.


Citroën C6 is a vehicle consisting of distinct features and a unique design with a top-notch performance. Though it wasn’t well-recognized in the market and among its rivals, the C6 had advanced suspension and a spacious interior. It’s also the limited market availability of the C6 that affects its resale value. That said, it didn’t remain a top choice for those looking for sporty handling, particularly in the luxury sedan segment. It still remains an intriguing option for those who appreciate its uniqueness and prioritize comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What was the target market for the Citroën C6?

Citroën C6 was a luxury sedan. Hence, it was targeted at the executive and luxury car market, competing with other luxury sedans.

What are the key features of the Citroën C6?

The Citroën C6 was mainly known for its advanced hydropneumatic suspension, luxury and well-appointed interior, and a couple of engine options.

Why did the production of Citroën C6 cease?

Since this vehicle was facing a lot of challenges in the market, particularly in sales, it was discontinued in 2012.

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