Ford F-150 Black Widow: Is it Really Worth All the Hype?

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Are you one of those who love having both luxury and exclusivity in their vehicles? Do you enjoy having aggressive styling in your truck? If that sounds like you, Black Widow Ford F-150 is the way to go! Discover all the goodness you can get in this Limited Edition Black Widow.


The Ford F-150 Black Widow truck is one of the most iconic versions of the Ford F-150. If you are familiar with the F-150, you would have definitely heard about all the marvels of the Black Widow.

This truck is all about style, ruggedness, and performance. This particular vehicle was designed by Fox Factory. This company is well-known and one of the leading aftermarket auto performance companies that bring attention to detail while focusing on exceptional quality at the same time. That said, this company came up with what we can consider a true off-road beast. 

But what exactly makes Black Widow Ford F-150 such a beast? Let’s find it together as we go through all its specs and features in this article.


The Ford F-Series essentially started as a series of light-duty trucks in 1948. It includes the popular F-150 series that was introduced in 1975. Nonetheless, you will see some heavy-duty series as well, like the F-250 through F-450, F550, F600, F650, and F-750 Class 6-8 commercial trucks. As for the F-150, it is currently in its 14th generation, and throughout this time, it has been developed in a variety of design configurations.

Moreover, the platform of F-Series trucks has been used for many full-size Ford SUVs. Other than many basic and special edition trim levels, there is an iconic aftermarket customization model called the Ford F-150 Black Widow.

The table below contains information about the previous generations of the Ford F-Series.

GenerationsYearsEnginesPerformance Special VersionsFacelifts
1st1948-1952inline-6 and V8Basic workhorse trucksN/A
2nd1953-1956More powerful V8 enginesBetter power and performanceN/A
3rd1957-1960V8 enginesIncreased power and refinementN/A
4th1961-1966Different inline-6 and V8 optionsIntroduction of a “unibody” design (1961-1963)Unibody F-Series (1961–1962)  
5th1967-1972V8 enginesF-150 name introduced for higher-end modelsN/A
6th1973-1979V8 engines, introduction of the F-150Better comfort: F-150 becomes a distinct modelN/A
7th1980-1986Inline-6, V6, and V8 enginesIntroduction of more aerodynamic designN/A
8th1987-1991Inline-6, V6, and V8 enginesIntroduction of Eddie Bauer edition; engine updatesF-150 Nite (1991–1992)  
9th1992-1997Inline-6, V6, and V8 enginesRedesign with a more modern and aerodynamic lookEddie Bauer (1994–1996)    
10th1997-2004V6 and V8 engines, SVT lightningMajor redesign with car-like interior; Harley-Davidson editionF-150 King Ranch (2001-Present), Harley-Davidson Edition (2000–2011)  
11th2004–2008V6, V8Redesign with a more muscular appearanceN/A
12th2009–2014V6, V8 engines, introduction of SVT RaptorIntroduction of SVT Raptor: Focus on fuel efficiencyF-150 Platinum (2009 – Present), SVT Raptor (2010-2014), F-150 Tremor (2014-2015)
13th2015–2020V6, V8 engines, introduction of EcoBoostAluminum-intensive redesign for weight reductionF-150 Lighting (2019)2018: Minor exterior refresh
14th2021–present  Different engines, including hybrid PowerBoostOngoing updates with advanced technology and powertrain optionsF-150 TremorOngoing: the latest model received a redesign

Engine, Transmission, and Performance

So far, it’s clear that the Ford F-150 is made after the standard F-150. This is why you can get the Black Widow version in all the engines offered on F-150 models. There are a total of five high-performing engine options to choose from. First things first, you have the 3.3L V6 that is capable of delivering 290 horsepower with 265 lb/ft of torque. Then you have the 2.7L Ecoboost V6 engine, delivering 325 horsepower giving 400 lb/ft torque.

Other than that, there is a 5.0L V8 engine giving off 400 horses and 410 lb/ft of torque. Lastly, there’s a 3.5 L Ecoboost V6 and 3.5L V6 hybrid engine option, allowing for 400 hp and 430 horses respectively. You will find no option better than the hybrid one in terms of towing power.

It comes with a 4X4 drivetrain and automatic transmission, hence ensuring optimal performance and capability across various terrains, making it a reliable companion for both on and off-road adventures.

Despite being a powerful truck, the Ford F-150 Black Widow focuses on fuel efficiency, achieving a commendable 16 mpg in the city and 22 miles per gallon on the highway.


The exterior of the F-150 Black Widow is one of its most compelling features. It begins with aluminum panels and black door handles. This is complemented by black door handles and an appealing black grille with a chrome surround, creating a bold and modern appearance.

Then there is black power heated side mirrors with manual folding, along with black side window trim to add to the truck’s stylish profile. The chrome front bumper, featuring body-colored rub strips and tow hooks, contrasts the Agate Black Metallic exterior, and the chrome rear step bumper further beautifies the vehicle’s rear design. To make it more of a practical option, this vehicle features a cargo lamp with a high-mount stop light, a regular box style, and a tailgate with rear cargo access.

Some other notable features include deep-tinted glass, fog lamps, and a fixed rear window with a defroster for convenience. The 17-inch silver-painted aluminum wheels, paired with 265/70R17 BSW all-terrain tires, contribute to both style and off-road capability.

Inside the Ford F-150 Black Widow

Now, let’s break down the interior of the Black Widow. It’s safe to say that the Ford F-150 Black Widow is a perfect combo of comfort and convenience. The layout is amazing, featuring a 60-40 folding split-bench front-facing fold-up cushion rear seat, providing versatility for both passengers and cargo. The cloth 40/20/40 front seats offer manual driver and passenger lumbar support, along with a folding armrest, cup holders, and additional storage.

Other than that, you get a lot of practical amenities inside the cabin, like a day-night rearview mirror, cruise control with steering wheel controls, and a manual tilt/telescoping steering column.

This vehicle also works well in terms of storage solutions, like you have the mini overhead console with storage, a locking glove box, and interior concealed storage.

The inclusion of FordPass Connect 4G Mobile Hotspot Internet Access boosts connectivity, while the smart device remote engine start adds a layer of convenience. Overall, the interior of the Ford F-150 is a well-appointed space that balances utility with modern technology to create a comfortable and connected driving experience.

As for the price, it varies significantly depending on the chosen features. However, for a rough estimate, you can expect about a $25,000 increase in price from the base model. As for the base model of the Ford F-150, it usually starts at $45,000.

Since high quality materials and the best parts are used to upgrade the base model to Black Widow, the expected cost of this car can range between $75,000 to $100,000. This may increase or decrease depending on the features.

Driving Experience

The Black Widow edition has a lot of features that improve its overall performance on the road. It comes with different powertrain options to fit everyone’s needs and preferences.

The truck’s custom suspension system, coupled with exclusive Black Widow wheels and massive 35″ BF Goodrich tires, is designed to handle tough terrains, thus giving top-notch off-road driving experience. With the inclusion of the Fox Racing Shocks on the Black Widow F-150 and a 6″ lift, you get better ground clearance. That said, you can drive safely, getting a smooth and controlled driving experience even in challenging off-road conditions.


There’s no doubt that the Ford F-150 Black Widow is an extraordinary car with outstanding features and capabilities. From its off-road capabilities to head tuning style, it’s truly a marvel that gives tough competition to the other special versions of the F-150.

The best part about its manufacturing? This base model is shifted directly to Black Widow after its manufacturing, signifying a good relationship between Ford and the Black Widow trucks. That said, many experts believe that the Black Widow F-150 has forms and functions that no other vehicle possesses. It is truly an iconic truck of these times.


  • Comes with distinctive exterior features to enhance appeal
  • Possess mind-blowing off-road capabilities
  • Interior enhancements provide a better cabin experience


  • The rearview camera feature is not standard
  • Super costly packages


What makes the Ford F-150 Black Widow so special?

The inclusion of the specially designed shock absorbers ensures the vehicle handles predictably when things get a bit wild on the road. This feature speaks loudly and makes the Black Widow stand out.

Can we personalize the Black Widow Truck Package?

Certainly! You have an open choice to include and exclude the features to match your preferences. However, the price of this vehicle will vary greatly depending on the dealership you choose.

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