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Overview of BMW M3 GTS

When it comes to renowned  German automakers, we all know BMW is one of the top few brands that rule the world. BMW is known for making performance-oriented and luxury vehicles, with a diverse lineup including coupes, SUVs, sedans, convertibles, and whatnot.

One such performance-oriented vehicle is the BMW M3 GTS, which is a rare sports car and was a limited edition variant. Introduced in 2010, this vehicle was equipped with a V8 engine and featured significant weight reduction by using carbon fibre components and removing rear seats. These features made it easier to enhance agility and speed on the track.

Let’s shed light on some of its major components to find out why this limited edition model attracted the eyes of so many.

Origin and Evolution

The BMW M3 GTS originated from the BMW M3, which is one popular variant of the high-performing BMW 3 Series. The idea of developing track-focused yet limited edition M3 variants started in the 1990s with the production of the E36 generation. When considering the M3 GTS, its traces can be rooted back to the E92 generation M3.

That said, the first-ever M3 GTS made its way to the market in 2010. This vehicle was a variant of the E92 M3 but featured significant performance and aerodynamic improvements, along with weight reduction. While it was suggested that 150 of these units would be produced, the manufacturers limited it to 138 only.

The following year, the GTS Street Version was produced that contained more or less the same features but was a little more comfort-oriented. The comfort tag, along with its high-performance capabilities, is what made it attract a wider audience.

In 2016, we saw the F82 M4 GTS, which is the direct successor of the M3 coupe. This vehicle came with a better yet even more aggressive design, having improved power delivery and lightweight components. Another limited production variant called the F82 M4 CS was produced in 2017 and offered the perfect balance between the hardcore GTS and the standard M4.

For this article, our focus will be majorly on the BMW M3 GTS.

Power, Performance, and Efficiency

The revised engine was used in the BMW M3 GTS. It was an eight-cylinder engine whose displacement was increased from 4.0 to 4.4 liter. This engine was capable of delivering 450 horsepower with 325 lb-ft of torque and an impressive 8,300 rpm, delivering 30 hp more than the standard model.

This vehicle can easily accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 4 seconds due to its lightweight construction and its powerful engine. Moreover,  a track-tuned suspension system provides better handling and agility on the track. This suspension is based on the front and rear axle of the BMW M3 Coupe.

There were improvements in its aerodynamics as well, such as a more prominent rear wing that allows for better downforce and more improved stability even at high speeds. There are also some variable air duct elements in the first apron. Apart from the bright orange exterior, its matte black exterior components can be recognized from a distance.

All these features make this car a true joy to drive in such demanding conditions.

Exploring the Interior Features    

When you step inside the cabin, you will quickly realize the interior of the BMW M3 GTS is optimized for performance and enhance the driver’s experience. There was a hint of luxury inside, but majorly, it was more oriented towards improving the car’s track capabilities.

First off, there are lightweight and supportive seats that keep the driver and passengers secure. The interior is equipped with Alcantara suede-like material that not only feels luxurious but also provides a good grip.

A prominent feature is the roll cage, which emphasizes the track-ready nature of the car while providing rigidity. Moreover, carbon fiber accents were used throughout the interior to reduce weight. The design was relatively minimal.

Interior Color Options

The BMW M3 GTS was offered in only one striking and distinctive exterior color, which was  “Fire Orange.” It was basically the signature color for this model. Such a bright, firey orange hue emphasized the sporty and aggressive nature of the car.

The interior of this vehicle is also sporty, featuring only black color for the seats. Since it was a limited edition model and a few of these cars were produced, only a few options were available. Even those few units were sold out quickly.

Space and Storage in BMW M3 GTS

The car has no rear seats, and cargo capacity is also limited. This is done to reduce the car’s weight. Compared to the standard BMW M3, you will find the trunk space quite smaller. Only essentials for track days can be carried in that space.

The same minimalist approach is used inside the cabin, limiting the storage compartments. However, there is a glovebox, a small center console, and several small door pockets.

Safety Features

As mentioned previously, the BMW M3 GTS is a performance-oriented sports car with better driving dynamics. The focus is less on the safety features. However, it comes with some safety features like stability control, airbags, anti-lock brakes, and other advanced driver assistance systems, like lane-keeping assist and adaptive cruise control.

BMW M3 GTS’s Stand Among Competitors

Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG is one the biggest rivals of the BMW M3 GTS that competes strongly in power as it boasts a powerful V8 engine and allows sharp handling. Both these vehicles are exclusive, and they have a competitive price tag. However, the  C63 AMG is more practical with its cargo space and rear seats. Nonetheless, M3 GTS beats in terms of agility and balance.

Similarly, there is the Porsche 911 GT3, which is one legendary car of its kind, having amazing handlining with precise steering. Since it comes equipped with a lot of technology and features a rear seat, the Porsche 911 GT3 has a slight edge. This vehicle is also more for the track; thus, it comes with track-focused precision.

In essence, though the BMW M3 GTS doesn’t come with a lot of luxuries and features like its rivals, it does perform well and bangs in that aspect. Overall, it allows for good handling and amazing grip, making it fun to be on the road.


  • Lightweight construction and track-tuned suspension
  • Comes in a unique Fire Orange color only
  • Delivers impressive horsepower and torque
  • Equipped with adjustable suspension


  • Comes with limited cargo space
  • Heavily prices
  • reduced fuel efficiency and higher operating costs

Decoding Fuel Economy of BMW M3 GTS

The BMW M3 GTS is able to reach around 12 to 15 mpg in the city, while it is rated at 19 to 22 mpg on the highway. This is below-average gas mileage compared to most other cars in its segment.


When the BMW M3 GTS was launched in 2010, it was released for sale in Germany. At that time, this vehicle was worth USD 173,000. However, used M3 GTS models with some mileage on them could be found at different price points. This may range from $80,000 to well over USD 150,000. It mainly depends on the vehicle’s condition and other such factors.

Drive Abilities

The BMW M3 GTS has exceptional driving abilities, giving off an engaging and thrilling experience when on the road. This vehicle offers precise handling thanks to its well-tuned suspension. It has responsive steering, making it super comfortable on racetracks and twisty roads. Other than that, there are high-performance brakes, which allow for confident stopping power. Its tailored driving modes allow for safer and unforgettable rides.


Though a limited production model, the BMW M3 GTS is truly a track-focused sports car that not only looks appealing and attractive but also excels in delivering an amazing driving experience. Its precise handling, potent V8 engine, and aerodynamic improvements play a role in giving that fun and thrill that you will chase all the way through the road. Reduced fuel economy and a higher price tag are its only disadvantages.

Other than that, there’s no way a person would say NO to this vehicle. Don’t miss a chance if you get to get your hands on this rear yet iconic car.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What exactly does GTS stand for in the BMW M3 GTS?

The car is of sporty nature and is a high-performing vehicle. These characteristics are reflected in its name as well. GTS stands for “Gran Turismo Sport,” clearly showing what kind of a car it is.

What transmission option does the BMW M3 GTS have?

The BMW M3 GTS comes with a manual transmission, thereby presenting a more fun option for people enthusiastic about manual gear changes.

What is the resale value of the BMW M3 GTS?

Since only a limited number of vehicles of this model were produced, it holds strong value in the used car market. However, the resale price is highly dependent upon factors like its condition, mileage, and rarity.

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