BMW M340i: The joint culmination of comfort and sportiness

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Not many cars can deliver in every aspect. However, the German automaker BMW has blessed the enthusiast community with such a product that contains promising stats. The 3 Series BMW M340i has it all. BMW’s 3 Series has a complete lineup that is satisfactory. The M330i is the base sedan, the M330e is the hybrid, the plug-in model of the M330, and the vigorous and classy M340i. The top-dog BMW M340i offers everything, constantly switching its personality between a luxury sedan and an absolute show of sportiness. The 3 Series had been manufactured for a couple of years back, but in 2023, BMW would face tough competition in the line of luxury performance sedans. The reinforced Mercedes-Benz C-Class, the chic Audi A4, and the very promising Genesis G70 were BMW’s most significant competitors, and the M340i is the perfect answer. 

If you want to dance down a curvy road elegantly with immense grip, tip-toe through town, or blaze down an Interstate, then the BMW M340i is your partner. The M340 gives two trim options for you: the M340i and I xDrive. Both have unique styling and performance enhancements, providing the base model the extra mile. Starting at a whopping $56400, the M340i is a good option if you are looking for a luxury design style with superb dynamics. But I xDrive stands at $58400 because of its specially tuned suspension for better comfort. Therefore, these premium packages are worth every penny. A Premium package also embraces a head-up display, hands-free passive entry, a heated steering wheel, and much more. But the sad part is that most of these features are unavailable in standard models; they can be achieved through packages. BMW’s exemplary sports sedan is given a remarkable makeover for 2023 that sees the all-new and striking exterior styling, a new all-digital dashboard, aerodynamic kit, spoiler, more aggressive front bumper and distinctive grille, and the godly M sport suspension.

Specs and stats of BMW M340i

The BMW M340i has an intercooler 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six-cylinder engine and a 48-volt hybrid system, giving a total output of 382 horses and 500Nm of torque, making it a super sedan. The M340i indeed marks the return of the M nameplate to form. Each powertrain pairs with a telepathic, exceptionally smooth eight-speed automatic transmission and standard rear-wheel drive. You can power all four wheels for a price. The M340i hammers itself from a standstill to 60mph in a staggering 3.8 seconds, which is unbelievable for a sedan. The Xdrive model, with extra traction and all-wheel drive, does 0-60mph in 3.7 seconds, only a tenth quicker than the M340i standard model. BMW enables its buyers to choose between a couple of suspension setups on the BMW M340i

  • The base arrangement
  • The stiffer M Sport tuning for extreme sportiness 
  • The Dynamic Handling package, with its adaptive dampers, gives the M340i remarkable body handling.

What’s it like to be inside?

It’s easy to get in and out of the 3 Series’ BMW M340i as there is ample doorway clearance. As we look inside, the M340i has a very contemporary and fresh design comprising excellent materials and remarkable build quality. Its controls are at agreeable positions and well-suited, making nothing feel cheap inside the cabin. The sports seats are standard, well-endorsed, supportive, and super comfy. They can be adjusted extensively, making the passengers ultra-comfortable. Furthermore, the premium package includes a detailed head-up display, ambient and customizable interior lighting, heated front and rear seats, a remote start, and wireless charging. 

The dashboard of the BMW M340i is accompanied by a gently floating 12.3-inch gauge display and a 14.9-inch infotainment display. The great-looking high-resolution displays are even readable in direct sunlight. BMW’s easily navigated iDrive 8 interface is also present. Some standard features include in-dash navigation, SiriusXM satellite radio, wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and a 5G Wi-Fi hotspot. A wide range of seat and steering wheel adjustments offer a very comfortable position for most drivers.

The trunk space of the BMW M340i is an ample amount of 481,386 liters, with an available power-operated deck lid. The M340i is spacious, as compact sedans should be, with adequate space for front and rear passengers. Visibility is fair, and these extensive features make the M340i a class act. 

The Exterior

On the BMW M340i, its manufacturer decided to bring sleeker styling and an updated interior to the car. Though refined, The visual variations create a sharper, visually pleasing, and more geometric design. The iconic kidney grille is less rounded at the edges, while the headlights hold redesigned LED signatures. The bumper has a compact and boxier lower grille with L-shaped vents at the sides, and the rear bumper has the same pointed and sharp look as the front bumper. The standard 18-inch wheels also have been redesigned.

The Dynamic Handling package of the BMW M340i also gives numerous features like a mesh kidney grille, new 18-inch wheels with a 19-inch upgrade per one’s choice, trapezoidal exhaust pipes, and a body-color rear spoiler. The all-new M340i is also offered with the BMW Motorsport badge to honor the M’s 50th anniversary.

Generational Glow up

As we talk about the generational glow, the BMW M340i marks the 7th generation of the BMW 3 series. Being a luxury car, the interior goodies are similar to the previous generations of the BMW 3 series, but what has changed is the overall performance and reliability. The first-generation BMW 3 series (1975-1983) stepped into the market, mainly competing over luxury and engine performance. It made a good option for people who wanted moderate machinery but compact size and feasibility of operation.

The second generation (1982-1991) focused on elevating body styles for better luxury and performance. The successor BMW3 series came in sedan, coupe, and convertible options while enhancing power and engine options. The second generation could pull up to 192bhp, making it quite a sports car.

Moving on to the third generation, which ruled from 1991 till 1998, this BMW 3 series made a magical entry with a blend of sporty and compact model engineering. This generation featured rear suspensions and improved aerodynamics, whose principles are still used today. It marked the evolution of design and functionality for the upcoming models. 

The 4th generation (1998-2005) was more inclined towards perfecting the body and upgrading the dynamics. This model had the perfect blend of smooth design and enhanced performance. At the same time, the 5th generation was more focused on luxury interiors. Since BMW is known for its perfection in styles and luxury, it is almost understandable to hone its features and make it more appealing. However, the glow-up didn’t only catch the elements but also the turbocharged engines for better functionality. 

The 6th generation quite had a gist of all the previous models. From design styles to improved driving dynamics, this generation introduced better four-turbo and six-turbo cylinder options. This made this generation an evergreen example of performance and functionality. The 7th generation that marks the BMW M340i model has been praised since its launch. This car gives a raving power of 369bhp with excellent Torque. The hybrid model is turbocharged 16, making it a blazing option for speed and dynamics among the automatic TC models.


The redesigned and rendered BMW M340i is what the fans were expecting in their 3 Series. Being a master of sports sedan production, BMW did quite a fantastic job again. In this world of aggressive upgrades of tech and bodywork, BMW kept the M340i as simple as possible yet very practical and, of course, very chic. It’s undeniably the proper way a sports sedan should be. Though this car has some cons, such as a stiff suspension, no HVAC and climate control physical buttons, which were massively preferred by drivers and passengers, no real dashboard feel, and no energetic feeling to handling, it’s accurate. 

Many features that should have been made available in the standard are now to be purchased in the packages, making it inconvenient for the buyers. Altogether, BMW prevailed as the M340i is not just appropriate for your daily city routine but effective on long routes, with its impressive fuel economy and twisty backroads providing accurate handling and the most outstanding comfort. What else would someone want from a 

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