Audi RS3: The Wickedly Fast Little German Rocket

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Germans always succeed in delivering. As in Audi’s case, they always have that wow factor in their cars. As an example of that, they unveiled the all-new Audi RS3. The small punch-packed RS3 made a solid impact, gaining car enthusiasts’ attention as it is seemingly fast, handsome, sharp, muscular, functional, and better than its previous models. Though the earlier models were considerably good enough in every aspect, the new 2023 model is one of a kind. Something more than your regular mid-end priced sports car. A fun fact about the new Audi RS3 is that it is available in two configurations: the sedan and the hot-hatch sports back. 

Both are the same; the slight difference is that the sedan has larger trunk space than the Sportback. The RS3 is the high-performance evolution of the sporty Audi S3, an upgrade over the regular A3. The RS3 has evolved from its previous models as it has a stiffer suspension. Still, to the point where passenger comfort isn’t compromised, it is rawer on the roads as maximum power output has been favored immensely. As we see, the body and chassis of the RS3 have also evolved a lot for it to keep itself on the road with maximum traction. 

Generational Glow Up

The Audi RS3 is one of the best bets regarding power and performance. This car gives incredible speeds and driving dynamics, making it a reliable choice for hitting max ability on the road. The RS3 has undergone some evolution since it’s the 4th generation that is currently in the market. The first generation Audi RS3 (2011) was launched with an upgraded style and a unique design that complimented its sporty specs. With an inline-five engine with incredible horsepower and commendable torque, this generation model was set to hit the roads to max speeds. 

The 2nd generation (2015) was a much-improved version of the previous model. With a wild 394hp, the car’s dynamic and speed took a boost, making it a competitive road hit. Not only the specs but the interior and design of the model were also improved, giving both the Sedan and the Sportback styles. Audi RS3 went to massive improvements in tone and dynamics until the launch of the third generation (2017-2020). The new Audi RS3 was all set to conquer the market with its 2.5L turbo inline-five, which gave great power to the model. The car’s looks were much more aggressive than the previous models, giving a hint of dominance. 

Setting the roads ablaze, the 4th generation of Audi RS3 (2022) is an all-in-one package for the speed freaks. This model can give a raving 401 horsepower and devil speeds, giving it agility and better functionality. 

Audi RS3’s Portfolio

The Audi RS3 is a suitably agile, quick and exhilarating sports car. The new model’s sharper and more edgy looks and the more significant trunk space of the saloon mode offer more functionality than the hatchback.

One of the most diverse features of the Audi RS3 is its uncommon five-cylinder engine. Its engine’s odd number of cylinders grants it a uniquely powerful and monstrous sound. The Audi RS3’s turbocharged 2.5-liter five-cylinder engine kicks out a cumbersome 401 horses and pumps 500-newton meters of torque to all four wheels. It possesses a rapidly shifting seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission and is supported by Audi’s Quattro all-wheel-drive system, and this sports car is bliss to its driver. Its typical all-wheel-drive system embraces a torque-vectoring rear differential with a drift mode for extra fun. Audi claims this car scares a quick 3.6-second run to 60 mph. As per numerous tests by enthusiasts, the Audi RS3 covered the quarter-mile mark in an astounding 11.8 seconds, crossing the line at 117 mph. These are some wild stats by a sports car. Regarding the Audi RS3 trim, the 2.5T Quattro is an excellent addition to the base model. With a sporty look and seven-speed automatic transmission, the 2.5T Quattro, at $75,588, is worth every penny. But for many, the Audi RS3 is more cost-effective, starting at $62,795.

We cannot close this debate without mentioning the 2 top competitors of the Audi RS3, the Mercedes-AMG CLA 45 S and the BMW M240i, which were equally remarkable in their spots. The CLA 45 gained popularity with its 415hp engine and twin-turbocharged four cylinders while maintaining a deadly body shape. The BMW M240i raved at a 382hp engine and outstanding driving dynamics, which undoubtedly set the market. Even though it wasn’t a one-on-one take, Audi gave a bold answer and made a statement with the all-new RS3. 

This car was not only made to impress on stock specifications, which is why Audi has given the option to its buyers for this model to spec one. The additional specs are the RS Sport exhaust system and Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R summer tires. These racetrack-focused Pirelli tires almost act as slicks, allowing the Audi RS3 to conquer any track with all might, beating every sports car in its class. But it’s the twisting back roads that the Audi RS3 is perfect on. It is swift, and its four-wheel drive system ensures this vehicle sticks on the road.

How’s the interior?

From the inside, the Audi RS3 is identical to the A3 and S3. The passenger space is the same as in its earlier models, but the front seats this time are aggressively reinforced. Audi has granted all versions a dashboard that looks nothing less than stunning. A pair of high-mounted air vents facing the driver flanked by an instrument panel holds a set of digital gauges. The RS3 also has a heads-up display and climate controls with physical buttons below the center touchscreen. Furthermore, as mentioned earlier, the saloon has a larger trunk space than the hatchback version. Unfortunately, drivers can select gears through a weird and short shifter, as a paddle shifter mounted on the steering wheel can be used once the RS3 is in motion. However, things are dissimilar in the back of the car. 

The legroom has enough space to cater to adults comfortably, but a taller person might feel a bit uncomfortable as the saloon also has slightly less headroom than the RS3 Sportback. The RS3 has a 10.1-inch infotainment touchscreen in the middle of the dash. It can be controlled through touch inputs, buttons on the steering wheel, and voice commands. Another option, Audi Drive Select, features seven settings: Auto, Comfort, Dynamic, Efficiency, RS Individual, RS Performance, and RS Torque Rear.

About the looks 

It’s still like a work of art with all the tightly packed, aggressive-looking bumpers and broadened wheel arches. Pressing upon the car’s key, the headlights display a small majestic light show. The overall design of the Audi RS3 is kept very sleek yet demonic with front grills. The suspension is prudently tuned to provide maximum performance without sacrificing comfort. The RS3’s carbon ceramic front brakes deliver nothing less than supercar-level stopping power.

Pros and cons 

The Audi RS3 is indeed a perfect sports car as it is:

  • Viciously fast and deadly on straight lines
  • Fantastic bit of bodywork. looks are up to the mark
  • Larger trunk space in the saloon version (321 liters)

But it also has some disadvantages, such as:

  • Highly jerky transmission, which makes it not so ideal for daily use in the city 
  • It has an enormous appetite as it gives poor fuel economy
  • According to numerous enthusiasts, its market alternatives, such as the Mercedes-AMG CLA 45 S,


After manufacturing numerous successful and worthy models, Audi has undoubtedly made a solid statement in sports cars, too, as the Audi RS3 is a clear example of this. The better-looking, wickedly fast, agile on the road, and multi-optional RS3 deserves tremendous respect as it qualifies as one of the best sports cars in the market. It is always fun to drive the RS3 as the grip is consistent, and the soundtrack never lets the driver feel disconnected from the car. 

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