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Introduced in 1966, the Alfa Romeo Spider has captivated sports car enthusiasts for decades. It is a classic article, and its timeless design is a testament to the legacy of Italian craftsmanship. Over the years, Spider has undergone several changes, with each model staying true to the root idea of a stylish convertible. Distinctive features of the Alfa Romeo Spider include a front-engine, rear-wheel-drive layout, and a folding soft top. A symbol of pleasure and style, the Alfa Romeo Spider evokes a sense of passion among those who appreciate the excellence of design and a gratifying drive. 

Overview of Alfa Romeo Spider

With its timeless design, this convertible vehicle is an ideal representative of the Italian automotive legacy. Spider offers powerful sports engine configurations throughout its generations to keep up with the sports car image. Spider offers open-air motoring for an immersive driving experience. The interior has sporty elements, up-to-date driver controls, and premium upholstery. Alfa Romeo Spider has a rich legacy spanning over seven generations. 


Alfa Romeo Spider has evolved through various generations as its history spans over decades. The debutant was launched at the Geneva Motor Show. Designed by Pininfarina, the body is aligned with classic Italian styling. The first generation of Alfa Romeo Spider was often referred to as the “Duetto.” In the early 70s, Spider underwent some design changes to mark the second generation.

It was also referred to as Series 2 of Spider. The major change to the exterior was the addition of a Kamm-style tail. Other changes included an updated interior and engine changes. The second generation also witnessed the famous Fastback model of Spider. 

The year 1983 marked the third generation of Spider, also known as the Series 3. Spider got a modern style upgrade with the redesigning of the front grille. The Veloce model of Series 3 gained popularity for its Bosch electronic fuel injection system, which improved the performance and fuel economy. At the beginning of the 90s, Series 4 was introduced for Alfa Romeo Spider. It was also popularly known as Spider 4.

The fourth generation witnessed a rapid switch towards modernism, leaving behind the classics. The interior was heavily modernized according to the expectations of the upcoming decade. Cars in the fourth generation had smoother lines and integrated bumpers. To cater to the style and design demands of the 90s, Alfa Romeo introduced the fifth generation Spider in 1994.

The series was named the 916 Series and was styled by Pininfarina. The design shifted to an aerodynamic style and the powerful V6 engine was also made available to retain the thrilling motoring experience of Spider. The 916 Series enjoyed popularity for over a decade and was replaced by the sixth generation of Spider in 2006.

This time, Spider displayed a coupe design and offered improved safety features. Models produced in the sixth generation till 2010 are popularly known as Alfa Romeo Brera. After the Brera coupe, Spider faced a production hiatus of five years, and it was not until 2015 that the manufacturers decided to relaunch the Alfa Romeo Spider. However, Alfa Romeo’s collaboration with Mazda was nothing short of a surprise for the automotive market. The 2015 comeback model shared its platform with Mazda Miata (Mazda MX-5).

However, the individual style of Alfa Romeo remained intact throughout the seventh generation. The series was famously known as Alfa Romeo 4C Spider. The comeback of Spider wowed the audience, until the manufacturers completely shut the production of Spider. 

The Spider’s distinctive design gained popularity and it became a cultural significance over time. Alfa Romeo Spider, especially the earlier models, appeared in various forms of entertainment, which depicted its association with style and sophistication. In 1967, Spider made its most iconic appearance in ‘The Graduate’. Other than that, it also appeared in ‘The Boat that Rocked’ in 2009, The Sopranos and the detective series Columbo. 

Engine, Transmission, and Performance

Particular details of the engine vary from model to model throughout different generations. Generally, offerings throughout the Spider series of Alfa Romeo ranged from four-cylinder to V6 engine configurations. These configurations aligned well with the offerings of the Spider, i.e. performance and efficiency. A few models featured turbocharged engines for the additional power boost. 

As a sports car, manual transmission was preferred by the racing enthusiasts. Automatic transmission was opted for relaxed driving. However, both manual and automatic transmissions were available for Spider. Some models of Spider offered paddle shifters that offered manual control in automatic transmission. This facility offered to shift from relaxed, leisurely driving to adrenaline-driven sporty driving. 

Alfa Romeo Spider has a sporty and dynamic performance. Most of the models are performance-oriented, offering brisk acceleration. When this brisk acceleration combines with the open-air motoring, the thrill of the drive gets tenfold. The handling of Spider is sharp and on-point. Its perfectly tuned suspension system offers spectacular driving dynamics. The design is emphasized around the balance of weight. Weight balance plays an integral role in the sporty performance of a sports car.

So, the overall weight of the vehicle is kept as low as possible. The seating is low, and the rear-wheel-drive configuration further contributes to weight balance and agility. The agility of Spider makes it worthy of both sporty surfaces and city streets. Braking system and safety features are important elements of sports cars. In Spider, the braking system is designed to offer efficient stopping power, ensuring safety. The top speed offered varies by model year. Performance-oriented models offered higher top speed than usual ones.  


Known for its sleek and stylish exterior, the Alfa Romeo Spider checks with the ultimate classic aesthetic of a sports car. The most distinctive feature of the exterior is the soft-top roof that allows for an open-air driving experience exclusive to sports cars. This feature also adds a touch of sportiness to the exterior.

The triangular grille design, the signature of the Alfa Romeo Spider, contributes to the iconic exterior. The headlights are angular in most of the models, elevating the front-end look of the car. On the front grille, in all its glory, stands tall the iconic logo of the Alfa Romeo: a red cross and a serpent on a blue and white background. Commonly, alloy wheels are used in Spider.

However, this section is subjected most to customization depending on driving preference. Depending on this, the exhaust system usually features two pipes. The rear of the car offers a clean design. The rear bumper and the taillights add to the appealing silhouette of the vehicle. Black and red color do the most justice in complementing the overall sporty vibe of the Spider. Hence, these two are the most opted exterior colors. 

Inside the Alfa Romeo Spider

The interior of Spider complements the aura created by the exterior features. The highlight of the interior is the driver’s cockpit, which offers controls and instrumentation within the driver’s access. The steering wheels also offer multiple controls, such as audio control, cruise control, and other functions to facilitate the driver.

The seats use premium leather finishings with soft-touch surfaces to give a sporty feel. The infotainment system in the alter generations is modern, including a touchscreen display, navigation system, smartphone integration, connectivity and other multimedia features. Like the infotainment system, other technical advancements were also seen in the later generations.

These included information cluster and climate control. The older models offered manual convertible controls, which shifted to being power operated in later generations. The seating is only for two people, aligning with the typical sports car interior. The rear space is limited, often used as cargo space rather than accommodating passengers. 

Driving Experience

The driving experience of Romeo Spider is agile and sporty. The lightweight designand on-point steering offer a responsive driving experience. The aerodynamic design introduced in the later generations makes it enjoyable to navigate in the wind. The connection with the surroundings further enhances the driving experience. 

Romeo Spider is a driver-centric sports car. Alfa Romeo strongly believes in empowering the driver and making him feel connected to the road, especially in a sports car setting. Another critical contributor to Spider’s impressive performance is its acceleration, especially in the higher-powered models. The overall driving experience is satisfactory; however, many people find it relatively noisy for routine driving. 


While Alfa Romeo Spider continued wowing the audience for decades, it couldn’t enjoy the popularity anticipated from it. A few problems damaged the reputation of the sports car. For many consumers, reliability became a major concern. Being a sports car, the Spider is expensive to maintain. It invited more criticism for the car, especially among second-hand car owners. 


  • Agile handling
  • Convertible experience
  • Aesthetically pleasing appeal


  • Limited practicality
  • Mediocre build quality
  • Expensive maintenance 

Automotive Journalist Verdict

Automotive journalists have analyzed various series of Spider. It serves well in the role of a sports car. However, its weight is slightly heavier than competing sports cars, making spiders a less feasible option. Also, the two-seater configuration makes it less practical for other functions. The rear space cannot accommodate passengers in this driver-centered vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Alfa Romeo Spider still in production?

No, the production of the Alfa Romeo Spider was shut down by the manufacturer in 2020. Currently, you can look for a used Spider.

Does the Alfa Romeo Spider have rear seats?

The Alfa Romeo Spider typically offers a two-seat configuration. The rear seat space is limited and is often used as cargo space. 

Is the Alfa Romeo Spider a reliable car?

The reliability of the Alfa Romeo Spider varies with model and maintenance. Older models can pose reliability issues and decrease resale values. 

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