2022 Honda Civic Sport: The Efficient Sedan with a Sporty Touch

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Over the 50 years of its tenure, we have seen the Honda Civic with a reputation for affordability, efficiency, and durability. The heritage is still kept alive in the all-new 2022 Honda Civic Sport, with its restyled looks and a subtle touch of sportiness to keep that tradition going strong. By kicking off its 11th generation, the Honda Civic Sport also gets a comprehensive makeover from the interior and exterior. Many enthusiasts may say that the new Honda Civic‘s more conservative design is boring compared to the previous model’s flashiness. Indeed, the previous model was more vivid and aerodynamic, but the 2022 Honda Civic Sport is cleaner, simpler, and more refined.

The new 2022 Honda Civic Sport has been given a good amount of revised and improved technology features that are easy to use, which was unnoticeable in the previous Civics. This sporty sedan is one to have fun with on the road, as it boasts sharp and accurate handling with somewhat underperforming tires, but still, this sports sedan manages to go where it is intended. However, this car is a bit unpowered, lacks the expected acceleration, has no front-seat lumbar support, distracts random false alarms from its safety features, and is noticeably noisy on the road at more incredible speeds. Still, the best thing about the 2022 Honda Civic Sport is its budget-friendly and economical drive. This small sports sedan relieves the owner of the super-saving fuel average. 

Generational Supremacy

Honda Civic’s first generation was launched in the 1970s, instantly making it the center of attention in the market. Its significant design and four-cylinder water-cooled engine stood out among the other competitors. With body styles of coupe, hatchback, and station wagon, it was the first step towards evolution and engineering. 

The second generation (1980-1983) made a more impressive launch with its sedan-style body shape. The design could have been more curvy but supported its specs. This generation introduced fuel economy, which has a boost to the engine average of the car. The third generation (1984-1987) had some noticeable body and style changes, which were never questioned because of the better performance and increased comfort. But still, it required some improvements to settle a firm foot in the market. 

The fourth generation (1988-1991) featured double suspensions at the rear and front, giving the model a modified design. The car was made a little sporty, and two two-seat CRX model was introduced. Moving towards the fifth generation (1992-1995), the Honda Civic was already on the route of increasing performance and experience, and it worked towards the safety and operation of the model. With a removable roof, this model mimicked a convertible. However, Civic took a great leap by introducing the 6th generation (1966-200) as a natural gas-powered model. However, the modifications in this car continued, and in the early 2000s, the 7th generation model was launched. There was a noticeable shift in design as the model claimed to be hybrid. This was one of the most distinguished eras of Civic. 

The 8th generation (2011) Civic and the 9 generation (2015) were somewhat similar in performance and functionality. The coupe, sedan, and compact body styles were experimented which gave them improved dynamics. 

Incoming, the 10th generation (2016) Civic has an integrated turbocharged engine, making it quite an honorable option for the public. The design shifts were impressive, and functionality was enhanced. Getting to the 11th generation, also called the Honda Civic 2022, this model has undergone significant changes, which makes it a superior version of the previous models. The Civic 2022 is capable of giving 158hp with a four-cylinder engine. With sedan, hatchback, Si, and Type R trims, this model has stepped up and changed the game in the market.

Specifications of 2022 Honda Civic Sport

The not-so-sporty Honda Civic Sport does not impress that much with its stats as compared to other sports sedans as its nimble naturally aspirated 2.0-litre in-line four-cylinder engine produces a total of 158 horsepower and not-so-impressive 187 Nm of torque, which assists the Civic does a 0-60mph run in a bizarre 8.8 seconds. The Honda Civic Sport could be more sporty with direct fuel injection and a continuously variable automatic transmission. Still, one can surely avail of the HPD appearance package for a sportier look, including front, rear, and side body kit, rear spoiler, and HPD emblem. But the base Honda Civic Sport looks excellent, courtesy of those 18-inch wheels, chrome exhaust, and black trim for the window surrounds and mirrors.

The 2022 Honda Civic Sport feels a little sluggish off the line, but the steady and mediocre quick power never makes you feel the need to floor the paddle like a base 2.0-litre engine requires. It takes almost a full second to respond when you step on the gas from a standstill. The Honda Civic Sport‘s continuously variable automatic transmission is regulated well enough to deliver even smooth power and hasty responsiveness when a burst of speed is needed. Interestingly, with its sporty and stable nature, making it fun to drive, the grip is mediocre at best. Still, the Civic has good roll stability, causing the driver to feel somewhat pinned down and decently balanced. Apart from the basic but tidy handling, there is still a lack of front-end feel, as we have seen in other Civic models, but again, the handling is accurate. The Honda Civic Sport’s suspension does a pretty good job of damping the bumpy effect of the road. Of course, the ride is not as comfortable as some other small cars, but given the Civic’s sporty and steady handling, it’s a fair trade-off. 

As the 2022 Honda Civic Sport is supremely stable around turns and manages to provide some entertainment behind the wheel, the tires make much noise when the car is put on an extreme driving test. Ultimately easy and effortless to drive, this Civic is indeed what one would want from an affordable sedan.

Inside the 2022 Honda Civic

The front seats of the 2022 Honda Civic Sport are supportive, and the leather fabric keeps it cool on hot days. However, no lumbar support is in the hearts, which can cause an issue for people with sensitive lower backs. One thing that marks a clear improvement in the interior of the 2022 Honda Civic Sport over the previous models is the climate control layout with an extensive venting system for the cabin. A honeycomb-designed grille runs across the dashboard, making it look sleek and holding the vents for the front passengers. Road noise can be heard at any speed, wind noise is more restrained, and the remaining interior seems solidly constructed and vibration-free. 

The 2022 Honda Civic Sport holds a 7.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system on the dashboard, helping the drivers keep their eyes on the road and minimize any chance of driving error. The display has intuitive on-screen menus and responds quickly to your inputs. There are physical volume and tune knobs make it an easy-to-use interface. One likable thing about the 2022 Honda Civic Sport’s interior is that the center armrest bin can hold ample stuff, the cup holders are significant, and a rubberized charging pad in the front keeps your phone from sliding around while charging. Altogether, the cabin has a straightforward yet attractive design. All the controls are easily reachable and easy to use. Passenger space is also quite roomy as taller passengers can also be seated in the front very comfortably front, and average-size adults can be accommodated in the rear seats with no problem because of the abundant rear legroom and adequate headroom. The 2022 Civic Sport‘s trunk can hold up to 419 liters of cargo, which is impressive in its small sedan class. 


The little 2022 Honda Civic packs a tremendous amount of performance. Its praiseworthy performance, excellent passenger space, high fuel economy, refined design, and more-than-expected handling proves it is the best of class. When there are pros, there are cons too, and the Civic Sports also has some minor drawbacks, such as elevated road noise on the highway and not up-to-the-mark tires, but inclusively, the Civic is an excellent pick for a small sedan.

The 2022 Honda Civic may cost more than its rivals, like the Kia Forte, Hyundai Elantra, and Toyota Corolla. Still, better performance, commendable fuel economy, some extra features, and a significantly simple and more excellent interior do justice to the added cost. It has the kind of refinement that we would have expected.

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