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The gold standard of opulent sports cars has been the BMW 3 Series for decades. The new 2022 BMW X3 petite premium SUV has worked diligently since 2003 to earn the same distinction for its niche. The X3 is now in its third iteration and has been improved and refined over the years to be at the pinnacle of its game. The X3, currently available in numerous trim levels and with available all-wheel drive, is the right blend of luxury, sportiness, and prestige for millions of highly delighted owners. It would appear equally at home at Walmart or a country club.

Anticipating the 2022 BMW X3, no matter the engine or rear-wheel drive vs. all-wheel drive, to be a competent off-roader. It isn’t. It can manage modest, challenging pavement scenarios like gravel paths and the like, as well as winter weather and mild inclines. Above all, it’s a high-performance luxury crossover vehicle, or Sports Activity Vehicle as BMW calls it. It is the SUV 3 Series.

Throughout the years of BMW X3 generations

The 3-liter inline-six engines have been part of x3 for a long time. Since the 1st gen in 2004, the BMW has been at its best to upgrade its legacy as time passed, the style and elegance shaped from a bulky fat boy to a more styled SUV. The BMW has come a long way. The engine power and efficiency increase has drastically improved with the new and improved engine technologies. 

The BMW X3 SUV has undergone a considerable update, or Life Cycle Impulse (LCI), as BMW likes to call it. All new X3s include new looks, significant interior changes, and a new mild-hybrid powertrain for the potent M40i variant.

The most visible exterior improvements are a redesigned grille, thinner headlamps, a new 3D look for the back taillights, and revised bumpers. 19-inch alloys are now standard on 30i vehicles, as are adaptable full LED headlights. A more prominent 10.25-inch touchscreen display with iDrive 7 technology, as does cloud-based navigation, becomes definitive. The dashboard control arrangement has also been altered, and it now resembles that of the 4 Series. BMW has furthermore shuffled some packages.

Trim and specs of 2022 BMW X3

The 2022 BMW X3 comes in the following three configurations:

  • The sDrive 30i starts at $43,000, having a 2-liter Turbo inline-four engine. With an 8-speed automatic, the rear wheel drive has 248 bhp and 258 lb-ft of torque.
  • The xDrive 30i costs $45,700 and has a 2-liter inline-four engine. The trim is except in all-wheel drive, with the same horsepower and torque.
  • The M40i has a starting price of $57,800. It has a 3-liter turbo inline-six engine. With the all-wheel drive option, the horsepower notches up to 382 and the torque to 369 lb-ft. 


The 2022 BMW X3 is designed for dynamic driving rather than off-roading. IN MY OPINION, the X3 seems more robust on roadways than a few BMW sedans. It’s enjoyable to drive and handles curves well, considering an automobile of its size. The Porsche Macan is a sportier option that doesn’t require switching to the much more powerful M40i. I love the X3’s complex and well-balanced ride, but it is advised to opt over the extra Variable Damper Control adaptable suspension, something our tester regrettably lacked. This technology is part of the $1,400 Dynamic Handling Package and adds Convenience Sport and Eco Pro driving modes. It improves an already excellent ride for not much additional money.

Unlike bigger crossovers, the X3 has an outstanding turning radius and is exceptionally easy to park. The X3 xDrive30iweighs roughly 4,150 pounds, but it’s light enough that drivers won’t feel they’re piloting a large truck. This translates to rapid acceleration, easy maneuverability, and a sporty BMW feel.

Interior of 2022 BMW X3

All 2022 BMW X3 variants come standard with dual 12.3-inch displays; the driver’s computer instruments panel works well, and the multimedia touchscreen is simple. The user experience is clean, quick, and simple to use. It has both a rotational iDrive dial and a touchpad interface. Live traffic information for the sat-nav is fantastic. Among the features are a 20GB drive for storing your songs, online weather and news updates, and 3D mapping.

Because of the new BMW X3’s longer wheelbase, passengers have enough room inside, and the cabin seems substantially more significant than the previous model’s. It looks close to the quantity of space the bigger BMW X5 provides.

The driver and companion have plenty of space up front, but full-sized adults can fit in the back – there’s sufficient room for a six-foot grownup to sit back a comparably tall driver.

The X3’s size hasn’t altered much, so it’s still quite functional. The five hundred-and-fifty liter trunk is square, and the low lip makes it easy to put in and unload large objects.


When the current 2022 BMW X3 was rigorously crash-tested by Euro NCAP, it received a top five-star rating. Senior occupant safety of 93% was one of the more striking outcomes, and child occupant safety of 84% is also quite outstanding.

Aside from its excellent build quality and a complete array of airbags, the BMW X3 offers a plethora of cutting-edge safety technology. However, several capabilities, such as adaptive cruise control, lane-departing assistance, and cross-traffic warnings, are hidden behind numerous extra packs. It’s all amazing, but we’d like to see BMW be a bit more liberal on what currently is a pretty pricey vehicle.


The BMW X3 xDrive30i 2022 is a fantastic small luxury and athletic SUV. It’s not designed for severe activities like off-roading or significant towing, but it’s a blast to be on both downtown and the interstate. It is believed that the xDrive30i, in particular, represents excellent value. Like the 3 Series sedan, BMW has refined its X3 recipe since its launch in 2003. We understand that a fourth-generation vehicle and an all-electric option are now in the works. What is almost transparent is that the present model will be the last to lack conventional electricity. The new standard will be a type of hybrid or plug-in hybrid system.

But, for now, the third-generation X3 continues, and we have no complaints. The X3 combines elegance and functionality with two turbocharged engine choices, fun-to-drive encounters, and an upmarket and comfortable interior. Compared to competitors, the X3’s dashboard interface appears conservative, but its functionality remains strong. Any X3 trim is a safe bet for buyers. Despite its age (this iteration was introduced for the 2017 model year), the X3 can do practically all daily duties and then some.

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