2022 BMW iX: The Cocoon of Serenity

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The i3, BMW’s initial try at an electric vehicle, could have done better in the USA. Customers in this market do not consider tiny hatchbacks luxury, so the compact city vehicle was effectively doomed when the more traditional Tesla Model 3 debuted at a comparable price range.

After returning to the drawing board, BMW thought of a new generation in the electric phase, the 2022 BMW iX. The crossover is the same size as X5. X5, which was sold exceptionally well for its name. The 2022 BMW iX would be taking it over with its thunder. Arrived in 2022, this car blew the minds of electric car enthusiasts. The luxury and serenity it brought had an everlasting impact. 

Trims and specs for 2022 BMW iX

The Xdrive 50 is the only trim spec in the 2022 BMW iX line. Starts at $83,200. With a single-speed automatic, obviously, because the electric motor has only the all-wheel drive option available. Additional packages include:

  • The I signature blue for $300, having a blue color scheme inside out. 
  • The luxury package for $1150 has glass controls and a walnut console. 
  • The Dynamic Handling package for $1600 has a 2-axle suspension. 
  • The Convenience for $2300 has HUD, video AR, Natural interaction, and much more.
  • The Sport, for $2800, has more giant rims and tires. 
  • And finally, the premium of $4000 has almost everything. 

Equivalent to the V8?

BMW only lists one possible powertrain, the xDrive50i, at launch in the United States. The xDrive50i, like its gas-powered siblings, delivers nearly the same amount of power as the manufacturer’s 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8. The 2022 BMW iX is powered by two electric motors that provide five hundred sixteen horsepower and five hundred and sixty-four lb-ft of torque to all four wheels. The iX explodes to 60 mph in 4.6 seconds thanks to the electric motors’ immediate power.

The xDrive50i has a large 111.5 Kilowatt-hour battery, of which 106.3 kWh is useable, allowing for a 300-mile EPA-estimated range. BMW claims that the iX can charge up to 195 kW, slower than competitors like Audi and Tesla. Though it isn’t the fastest charger on the market right now, the iX should be able to recover roughly 90 miles in just over ten minutes of DC fast-charging, charging from 0 to 80% in under 40 minutes. BMW employs innovative temperature control and cooling circuits to maintain optimal battery temperatures. In low weather, it may draw heat from the driving units to warm up the high-voltage battery or employ a two-level conditioning module to keep it cool.


The 2022 BMW iX, like the M4, may be challenging to sell to consumers who dislike BMW’s new design trend. Though it doesn’t require a grille for sucking in air, BMW wanted the iX to seem consistent with the rest of its range, which resulted in enormous kidneys up front. Instead of taking in air, the kidney grille functions as an “intelligence panel,” holding cameras, radar systems, and other sensors. Though not our favorite design feature, the grille should be independent of an avant-garde design that advances BMW aesthetics.

Although the design has some contentious components, the inside is the nicest we’ve witnessed from BMW in a long time. To compare this interior to the Model X’s interior would be considered a slur to BMW’s artists, who have built a luxury masterpiece. The glass ceiling, open center console design, and level flooring offer the iX an airy, immense sensation on the interior. The optional blue leather with beautiful diamond quilting was packed into our test model, but the iX is also available with a unique half-cloth/suede seating that looks ultra-modern. Our only gripe is that there needs to be more lateral reinforcing to deal with how effectively the iX handles tight turns.

The 2022 BMW iX cabin compensates for its absence of side-hugging seats with outstanding care to detail and some of the most unusual material selections we’ve seen in a premium cabin. Optionally, the seat and iDrive controls are replaced with sparkling glass, and the iDrive interface is replaced with wood. An interior designer’s dream of this cabin.

Cargo space

BMW hasn’t released any EPA figures for the 2022 BMW iX, although it claims luggage capacity is similar to an X5. The seats are split 40-20-40 and include electrical controls to lower them in the back row or the trunk. There’s some secret room beneath the trunk floor for a charging cord. Yet, there’s no “frunk” like some EVs have. Electronics occupy that space, albeit an intelligent washer fluid cap is buried behind the BMW emblem. The back seats are enormous because of the level floor and enough leg and headroom. Backseat passengers get their temperature controls, USB-C connectors, and dedicated slots for mounting a coat hook or iPad.

The Premium Feel

Despite its quick acceleration, the iX is designed for quiet luxury. The steering is accessible in the basic Efficient setting, and our tester’s optional air suspension kept the ride pleasant. It’s worth mentioning that German roads are typically effortless, so testing when done, had to put the iX through its paces on local roads to see how comfy it is. When you switch to Sport mode, the iX becomes noticeably sharper. The steering grows more precise, shifting directions more quickly and on center. Because of the low center of gravity the floor-mounted battery packs provide, the iX can take turns at speeds that would confuse a gas-powered crossover.

BMW has only revealed price details for the xDrive50i model level, which begins at $83,200 (with a $995 destination fee). This is much less than the Model X’s starting price of $99,990, and this is before considering BMW’s $7,500 government tax credit available, which has already expired for Tesla. The new Audi e-tron is cheaper than the iX, beginning at $65,900, but has less baseline power and range.

Adding pricey extras, like with any BMW, will push the price well past $90,000. This is much dough to spend on a car, but the iX deserves it with plenty of spectrum, power, an opulent cabin, and more electronics than a Japanese arena.

A New Era

The 2022 BMW iX‘s contentious grille may make selling difficult, but this should not be a deterrent. Moving past the undoubtedly divisive appearance, BMW has created a fantastic vehicle that should persuade more people to buy their first EV. The iX endure is similar to that of an X5, but in many respects, it is superior. BMW creates the most excellent interior, and the equipment is now class-leading.

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