Alfa Romeo 4C: A Love-Hate Relationship with a Fiery Italian

Although only for some, the Alfa Romeo 4C should be driven at least once. Exciting and challenging, the 4C offers an unusual and remarkable experience while driving.

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Why the 4C is a car that everyone should try at least once.

Meet the Alfa Romeo 4C: The Italian Beauty with a Bite.

Alfa Romeo 4C front look

Have you ever met a person who was so stunning, endearing, and appealing that you were ready to look past their faults, bad habits, and requests simply because they were so captivating? Anyone that made you feel happy and alive, yet at the same time caused you to sweat, shout, and endure pain? Somebody who wasn’t flawless but who had their distinct qualities, and those qualities were what made them stand out? If so, you may already have some concept of what it’s like to pilot the Alfa Romeo 4C, the Italian classic, with a bit of a bite. If you haven’t already, you may want to continue reading to discover why the elegance and efficiency of the 4C make it a car that captivates and irritates its drivers.

Alfa Romeo 4C back look

The Alfa Romeo 4C is a car you should consider if you’re searching for an automobile that offers impressive efficiency, Italian style, and gorgeous appearance. However, you could be intrigued by the Alfa Romeo Stelvio if you require more incredible room, functionality, and adaptability.

The 4C: A Tribute to the Alfa Romeo Heritage

Alfa Romeo 4C concept Geneva

During the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, the Alfa Romeo 4C debuted as a concept vehicle and took home the title of that year’s most attractive conceptual car. The Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione, a limited-edition supercar manufactured between 2007 and 2010, served as its inspiration. Some of the innovations and components found in the 8C, like the dual-clutch transmission, turbocharged engine, and carbon fiber chassis, are also included in the 4C. Nonetheless, the 4C is more affordable, lighter, and portable than the 8C, increasing its usability and agility.

Alfa Romeo 4C unveiled

The commercial version of the 4C was initially launched in 2013, exclusively available in a coupe variant. 2015 marked the introduction of a spider variant showcasing a removable fabric roof. Moreover, the 4C signified Alfa Romeo’s reentry into the US market, honoring the first model officially marketed there since 1995. The 4C has undergone various enhancements and exclusive releases throughout its lifespan, such as the Launch Edition, 50th Anniversary Edition, Italia Edition, and Competitive Edition. In the year 2020, the manufacturing of the 4C was concluded, resulting in a total production of 9,117 units.

A Modern Interpretation of the Alfa Romeo Classics: The 4C

Alfa Romeo 4C with its tribute

Alfa Romeo, the renowned Italian automaker, has manufactured high-performance vehicles since 1910. The 4C, the latest addition to their esteemed lineup of sports cars, continues the brand’s legacy of accomplishment. Alfa Romeo boasts a rich racing heritage and received appreciation as an innovator within the automotive sector.

This company has many wins and trophies in motorsports, from Formula One to Grand Prix, Touring Car, and Rally races. And remember their legendary sports cars, like the 6C, 8C, Giulietta, Giulia, Spider, GTV, and Brera. They’ve indeed left their mark on the world of wheels!

Alfa Romeo 4C with Alpha romeo 33

Now, take the Alfa Romeo 4C – it’s a real head-turner, taking cues from the 1960s 33 race car and giving a nod to the Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale, initially built for tearing up the track. That 33 Stradale was ahead of its time, with a featherlight body, a stout V8 engine, and a mid-engine setup. Talk about cutting-edge! Plus, it had a machine right in the middle. Can you believe it? Only 18 of those bad boys were ever made, and today, they’re like rare gems worth a fortune worldwide.

Alfa Romeo 4C in yellow

The 4C? Well, it’s got that Stradale spirit in its DNA. Check out those groovy round headlights, that snazzy grille, the curvy windshield, and a rear end that’s as sleek as they come. It’s all about that Stradale vibe, and it’s got plenty of it!

A Raw and Rewarding Driving Experience

Alfa Romeo 4C engine

The Alfa Romeo 4C packs a punch with its turbocharged, 1.75-liter, four-cylinder engine under the hood. This beast churns out a whopping 237 horsepower and 349 Nm of torque, making it a real firecracker. The machine’s located right at the back, like a hidden ace up your sleeve. And when it comes to shifting gears, it’s got a dazzling six-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission that you can work with paddle shifters on the steering wheel. This baby’s all about power, and it’s got style to boot!

The Alfa Romeo 4C trims’ performance specifications are listed in this table:

For more info on the specs of this car, click here.

Alfa Romeo 4C front on road

The 4C can reach a high speed of 160 miles per hour and can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 4.1 seconds. The low curb weight of the 4C, which comes in at 2,465 pounds (coupe) or 2,487 pounds (spider), contributes to the vehicle’s remarkable power-to-weight ratio.

Alfa Romeo 4C on road

The 4C offers a tactile and genuine sensation while driving, so it’s not an automobile intended for the weak. The 4C lacks comfort amenities such as traction control, power steering, and soundproofing. Nothing else matters in the 4C; it’s centered around the driver and the road. The 4C boasts a loud, roaring exhaust, robust, snappy suspension, and sharp and sensitive steering. In addition, the 4C features an Alfa DNA dynamic control selector that offers four driving modes: Natural, Dynamic, All-Weather, and Race.

Alfa Romeo 4C rear exhausts

Every mode affects the engine sounds, traction control, transmission shifting positions, and accelerator responsiveness. Its most intense mode is Race, which turns off anti-lock brakes and traction control so the driver may take full advantage of the 4C’s potential.


The Alfa Romeo 4C will cost you around $67,150 for the regular version, and if you want to ride in style with the 4C Spider Italia, you’re looking at shelling out about $72,000 in the good ol’ USA. That’s for the 2020 model year – the swan song for this bad boy.

Exterior & Interior: A Stunning and Minimalist Design


Alpha Romeo 4C from side

Oh, now we’re talking about one fine-lookin’ ride! It’s got that perfect mix of modern and classic vibes going on. This 4C has all the bells and whistles in the design department. You’ve got the low-slung, wide stance that screams cool, a hood that keeps going, and a tail that tapers down in style.

Alpha Romeo 4C in yellow and red

And the front? Well, it’s got those round headlights that are as bright as a summer day, a grille that’s all about triangles, and some oversized ol’ air intakes that mean business. This 4C is fine, no siree!

Again in red and yellow

But that’s not all – this baby’s got a roofline so sleek, you’d think it was born for the red carpet. And the wheel arches? They’re like the biceps of a bodybuilder. The engine cover? Well, it’s got ventilation, so you know it’s working hard. And don’t get me started on that sculpted side – it’s like a work of art on wheels!

Spoiler with lights on Alpha Romeo

Now, let’s talk about the rear end. Round taillights that’ll make your heart skip a beat, a diffuser that means business, and a dual exhaust system for that extra kick. And when it comes to colors, you’ve got more choices than a candy store – red, white, black, grey, yellow, and blue. And for the final touch, you can pick between wheels that range from 17 to 19 inches – now that’s some absolute customization!

So there you have it, folks. The Alfa Romeo 4C is the real deal, a head-turner with style to spare. It’s like an automotive art, ready to hit the road in all its glory.


Alpha Romeo inteior

Step into the Alfa Romeo 4C, and you’ll notice it’s all about the driver, folks. They’ve gone for a “keep it simple, but rock the performance” vibe inside. The cool thing is that the carbon fiber tub is exposed in all the right places – dash, center console, and door sills, giving it that high-tech feel.

Alpha Romeo steering and dashboard

Buckle up because you’ve got paddle shifters at your fingertips and a flashy red starter button that screams, “Let’s roll!” The steering wheel? It’s flat-bottomed because why not? It’s all about the racetrack experience.

Alpha Romeo guage cluster

Now, check out the digital instrument cluster. It’s like a mini movie screen with a 7-inch TFT display. It shows you everything – your speed, RPMs, gear position, and all the good stuff that a speed demon craves.

And the center console? Well, it’s as straightforward as your grandma’s apple pie recipe. Everything you need is right there, just a reach away. There is no rocket science here, just easy-peasy controls.

Alpha Romeo 4C seats

Let’s talk seats. Depending on how fancy you want to get, you can pick microfiber, leather, or good ol’ cloth. It’s like choosing your favorite pair of sneakers.

Alpha Romeo 4C seats in red

Well, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies. The 4C needs to be improved in the storage department. It would be best to have the basics – no glove box, door pockets, and cup holders. It’s like they forgot you need a place for your stuff!

And the trunk? Well, it could be more roomy. You can squeeze in a compact suitcase or your trusty helmet, but that’s about it. So, don’t plan on hauling your whole life with you on this ride.

Journalist Verdict: A Car that Polarizes Opinions

Alpha Romeo wheels and brake callipers

The Alfa Romeo 4C folks can’t seem to agree on it. Some folks are head over heels for this beauty, loving it for its charisma, beauty, and pure fun. But then there’s the other side, those who can’t stand it, all because of its quirks, nerves, and impracticality. The 4C is not a car for daily use, lengthy travels, or inclement weather; it is a vehicle that demands a great deal of concessions and effort. The 4C is an automobile that requires significant expertise and attention to detail; it is not a vehicle for novices, reckless drivers, or weak-willed individuals. The 4C is a car for traditionalists, fanatics, and thrill-seekers; it is a vehicle that rewards a great deal of excitement and devotion.

The 4C is challenging to grade because it defies standard regulations. The 4C is more than its parts—it has spirit, character, and appeal. The 4C isn’t flawless, but its uniqueness makes it exceptional.

Conclusion: A Car that is Not for Everyone, but for Everyone to Try

Drive view on Alpha Romeo 4C

Although only for some, the Alfa Romeo 4C should be driven at least once. Exciting and challenging, the 4C offers an unusual and remarkable experience while driving. Alfa Romeo’s long heritage of manufacturing elegant and exhilarating sports vehicles is embodied in the 4C. The 4C is an engineering marvel, work of art, and passion machine. Many fantasize about the 4C, while others fear it. The 4C combines Italian elegance with power.

Another masterpiece of Italian automotive art is the Alfa Romeo 159, which mixes expertise, efficiency, and heritage. This article describes the 159’s attributes, past events, and impact.

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What sets the Alfa Romeo 4C apart from other sports cars?
The Alfa Romeo 4C stands out with its distinctive Italian design, drawing inspiration from the brand’s racing heritage. Its lightweight carbon fiber construction, mid-engine setup, and minimalist interior contribute to a unique driving experience that prioritizes performance and driver engagement.

Is the Alfa Romeo 4C suitable for everyday use?
While the 4C offers thrilling performance, it may not be ideal for daily commuting or extended travels. The car’s focus on providing a raw driving experience means it lacks certain comfort features, such as power steering and extensive soundproofing. The limited storage space and a firm suspension may make it less practical for routine, day-to-day use.

What is the driving feel of the Alfa Romeo 4C, and who is it designed for?
The Alfa Romeo 4C is designed for enthusiasts and traditionalists who appreciate a car that prioritizes excitement and passion over practicality. The driving experience is raw, with sharp and responsive steering, a powerful engine, and multiple driving modes. It’s a vehicle for those seeking a visceral connection with the road and are willing to make concessions for the sake of a thrilling driving experience.

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