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Have you ever heard of a versatile compact panel van that could serve both as a passenger and cargo van, have its role in Canada Post’s delivery fleet, and have a presence as a taxi replacement in cities like New York? Yes, that’s certainly the 2012 Ford Transit Connect. Let’s get to know more about this icon.

Overview of the 2012 Ford Transit Connect

Ford Transit Connect is basically a compact panel van that was introduced by Ford for the first time in 2002. This vehicle segment essentially replaced the sedan-based vans, including the Four Courier and Ford Escort.

The 2012 Ford Transit Connect is part of the first generation that features a lot of updates compared to its previous models. It is a front-wheel drive with an optional tool locator; both passenger and cargo versions are available.

It turns out that Ford’s Roll Stability Control and electronic stability system is now standard on all the models. Moreover, low-rolling-resistance tires and better gearing have improved this vehicle’s mileage to a great extent.

This is just a little overview of Ford’s panel van. There’s a lot more to explore about the 2012 Ford Transit Connect that we will see in this article. So, let’s get into it.


The Ford Transit Connect is basically the smallest vehicle in the Ford Transit range. Its passenger-oriented models were marketed as Ford Tourneo Connect in Europe, and they featured rear seats and side windows.

Though its production started in 2002, its first model was transported to North America in 2010. Also, there was no direct predecessor of Transit Connect except for the Aerostar, which was a cargo van. The Transit Connect was available in different body styles, including short and long wheelbases, which was the main reason behind its international success. It received the “North American Truck of the Year 2010” award in its first year. The North American version contained a 2.0L petrol engine, while the rest of the world had a 1.8L diesel option.

The second generation of Ford Transit Connect was introduced in 2012 and came with a significant redesign and a choice of petrol and diesel engines. In 2014, the Transit Connect made its way to the U.S. market as the “Transit Connect Wagon” with five or 7-passenger seating options.

The Ford Tourneo Connect, which is a Transit Connect, was a leisure activity vehicle having all the side windows and back seats. The Ford Transit Connect was majorly in line with the front-wheel drive C170 platform shared with the Ford Focus.

Again, in 2019, we saw a significant facelift with updates to the front fascia and a redesigned dashboard. However, the 2022 models had a reduction in highway fuel efficiency. The Transit Connect proved to be a very versatile van with its uses in the fleet as well.

Looking forward, the third generation of Ford Transit Connect was introduced in 2021 for the European market and is essentially based on the fourth-generation Volkswagen Caddy.

Below is the summary of the three generations of the Ford Transit Connect.

GenerationYears ProducedEngineFacelift and Special VersionsAssembly Unit
First2002-20131.8L Diesel I4, 2.0 L Gasoline I42009: facelift with restyled front grille, new dashboard, and a deeper front bumperFord Otosan, Ford Romania
Second2014-20222.5 L I4 petrol engine, 1.5 L I4 turbo diesel engine    2018: Facelift with revised front-end designFord Valencia Body and Assembly facility
Third2021-Present1.5 L EA211-evo series T SI, 2.0 L EA288-evo series TDI CRN/AThird gen Tourneo Connect was assembled by Volkswagen in Poland

Engine, Transmission, and Performance

This model contains a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that is capable of delivering 36 horsepower and 128 pound-feet of torque. This engine is mated with a four-speed automatic transmission that powers the front wheels. However, it seems and feels like a little old brat, but it’s still capable of acceleration from 0 to 60 mph in 12.6 seconds. As for the fuel economy, it achieves 21 miles per gallon in the city, 26 mpg on the highway, and 23 mpg combined.


Since it is a compact van, you won’t find it very long, but it does have a good height. The length is about 180.6 inches, which feels slightly shorter than minivans. As for the height, it is about 80 inches, being almost a foot longer than a minivan.

Additionally, the 2012 Ford Transit Connect has sliding doors for the second row that are available with and without windows. The rear doors swing open about 180 degrees and 255 degrees in some cases.

It also comes with many different windows and panel options. Even more, the 2012 model comes with different color options as well, including Dark Micastone Metallic, Winter Blue Metallic, and Noisette Metallic.

Inside the 2012 Ford Transit Connect

Enter the 2012 Ford Transit Connect, and you will see basic seats with a lot of hard contours. The cabin is spacious, with a lot of headroom and legroom for both the passengers and drivers. There’s about 59.1 inches of room from the floor to the ceiling of the van. Its storage area has a large shelf placed above the windshield, which is possible due to the high ceiling of the van.

As for the passenger version of the van, the rear seats are either two seats on one side or three seats. However, they can be folded down easily to accommodate cargo. The seats have patterned upholstery, which gives it a nice touch. The stereo controls are also placed at appropriate distances for ease of use. The driver also gets a car-like driving position, which makes it comfortable to drive.

Although the seats and the cabin overall are very comfortable, considering the provided amenities, it is more suited as a work crew van than a large family van.

The cargo capacity of the 2012 Transit Connect is somewhat 135 cubic feet. This space is maximized by a flat load floor, which is about 6 feet long and 5 feet high. This space allows you to accommodate a maximum load of 1,600 pounds.

The standard amenities included in the 2012 Ford Transit Connect include air conditioning. For entertainment and connectivity, you will find standard AM/FM. Power windows and door locks are also available as optional features for convenience. Since the Ford Transit Connect proves very beneficial in the fleet, an Optional Ford Work Solutions system that can help track inventory is present. There is optional interior customization as well to manage cargo.

Below is the price of the 2012 Ford Transit Connect all trim levels:

Trim LevelsPricing
XL Cargo Van$22,035
XL Rear Privacy Glass Cargo Van$22,220
XL Rear & Side Privacy Glass Cargo Van$22,290
XLT Cargo Van$23,095
XLT Rear Privacy Glass Cargo Van$23,435
XLT Rear & Side Privacy Glass Cargo Van$23,505
XLT Passenger Wagon$23,660
XLT Premium Passenger Wagon$23,810

Driving Experience

Though it feels like an excellent compact van with a load capacity of 1,600 pounds, the 2012 Ford Transit Connect is quite slow when it’s completely packed. Though it starts smoothly and navigates easily through the urban roads and highways, you will still feel the sluggishness. However, whether laden with cargo or configured for passenger transport, the Transit Connect runs reliably. The sliding side doors and well-positioned mirrors prove useful in enhancing visibility.

Other than that, the steering is also responsive, which makes it agile even in tight spaces. Its high-quality suspension system also proves beneficial in providing a comfortable ride.


With fuel prices rising and everything hitting the skies, there’s still a profitable and efficient compact van that is capable of comfortably transporting cargo and passengers. Apart from its old-school weird looks, this van does have the strength to go above and beyond when it comes to towing capabilities or high-speed highway performance.

It did remain successful in securing a place as a reliable workhorse, being in fleets, and helping hundreds of businesses. Everything aside, the cargo capacity and maneuverability are the notable features that indeed make it a valuable asset in specific contexts, so much so that it’s still in demand.


  • Highly maneuverable van
  • Very good fuel economy
  • Spacious cargo
  • Drives and feels like a car


  • Noisy at high speeds
  • Limited power options
  • Old design

Automotive Journalist Verdict

As expected, experts and journalists have thoroughly criticized the 2012 Ford Transit Connect for its awkward design. At the same time, it is well appreciated for being highly maneuverable, particularly in urban settings due to its compact size.


Is the 2012 Ford Transit Connect still in production?

No, this vehicle is no longer in production, but it underwent subsequent generations, with the 2023 Ford Transit Connect being the latest model.

What configurations is the 2012 Ford Transit available in?

It is available both as a cargo and passenger van. This is why it is used widely for transporting goods and even as a part of fleets.

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