Ford Bronco Raptor – The Ultimate Off-Road Beast

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Overview of Ford Bronco Raptor

Are you enthusiastic about conquering the wildest off-road trails? Does off-road adventure always intrigue you? If yes, the Ford Bronco Raptor is exactly the vehicle you need. It is a crazy off-road beast that is designed such that it can easily tackle extreme terrains, giving an amazing driving experience at the same time.

It is made of heavy-duty components, long-travel suspension, and advanced 4×4 capabilities. What’s more? You can enjoy the sunshine through the removable roof and doors when you feel like having that open-air adventure. It is just the perfect blend of iconic style, aggressive exterior appeal, and advanced technology in the form of an infotainment system. Apart from that, a crazy amount of aftermarket accessories and packages are available that will make your off-road adventure even more fun. Just tailor the Bronco Raptor according to your needs, and you are good to go.

So, let’s get in and explore what more the Ford Bronco Raptor has to offer.

Origin and Evolution

When we trace the roots of the Ford Bronco Raptor, it takes us back to the original Ford Bronco that was introduced for the first time in 1966 as a highly capable off-road and rugged vehicle. Due to its legendary off-road capabilities and aesthetic design, Bronco gained a huge audience. Its fans kept on increasing up to this day. However, the production of Bronco was ceased in the year 1996.

Ford announced the revival of the Bronco Raptor again in 2020. This was indeed the moment to cherish, particularly for off-road enthusiasts and Bronco fans. This announcement was followed by the revelation of an all-new lineup of vehicles, including the Bronco Raptor. Ford took this step considering the huge demand for off-road vehicles. This car indeed represents the pinnacle of Ford’s off-road expertise.


The revival of this off-road vehicle after 24 years was not for nothing. Rather, it came with many advancements and integration of new technologies. From a specialized suspension system to powerful engines and infotainment systems, these innovations made this vehicle a formidable contender in the off-road segment, making it capable of conquering the toughest terrain with great ease.

Power, Performance, and Efficiency

Ford Bronco Raptor is a vehicle that is designed specifically to deliver outstanding power. When we talk about the 2022 Bronco Raptor, it can be considered the ultimate version of the Ford Bronco.

Under the hood, you will find a larger twin-turbocharged 3.0L V6. There are different airflow plumbing, turbos, and cylinder heads used, which give a net output of 418 hp and 440 lb-ft of torque on premium fuel.

When it comes to performance, you will be beating the hell out of this vehicle and won’t even feel close to its limits. This can turn out to be nimble and easily manageable at low speeds. However, the biggest problem that anyone could face during slow speed is its width. This can be measured as 86.9 inches wide with side mirrors out and 85.7 inches having them folded. Therefore, it is legally required to have marker lights due to its extreme width.

Exploring the Interior Features

Though this vehicle is designed with the intent of bearing off-road capabilities, it has high-quality interior qualities, just like the rest of the lineup. You will be mesmerized by the durable and easy-to-clean materials being used in the inside of the cabin. There’s ample bolstering in the seats for providing support during off-road adventures. It seats up to five passengers.

The cabin also contains control and switches at a considerable distance. This makes it easier to reach and operate the controls and adjust the vehicle’s off-road settings. For instance, you can pick a certain drive mode for specific terrains.

Moreover, the Bronco Raptor also has a removable roof and doors, which is among its unique features. This gives an amazing open-road experience that is just the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors while on a long drive.

There are also certain features like power accessories, climate control, and comfortable seating arrangements that offer a pleasant experience.

Interior Color Options

Ford Bronco Raptor didn’t focus much on interior color options, which is why there’s only a limited number of options available. The standard seats are made with marine-grade mildew-resistant vinyl, available only in Black Onyx.

Here’s what other material options you have:

  • Leather upholstery
  • Cloth

Color options:

  • Reddish brown hue
  • Blue interior accents
  • Gray or charcoal gray
  • Black or dark gray upholstery

No matter what option you choose, there will be orange stitching on the seats along with orange accenting throughout the interior of the Bronco Raptor.

Exploring the Infotainment Technology

First things first, there are dual 12-inch displays, which include a centrally mounted touchscreen and digital gauge cluster. Other features that you will see include Android Auto and wireless Apple CarPlay, SiriusXM with 360LAppLink and App Catalog, and a seven-speaker audio system including a subwoofer.

There are some specialized off-road apps of Ford as well that provide information on road conditions, navigation aids, and terrain analysis. Moreover, most of its models come with wireless charging pads, allowing you to charge your devices without the need for cables.

Space and Storage in Ford Bronco Raptor

When it comes to space and storage solutions, the Ford Bronco Raptor is quite versatile. The cargo area at the rear of the vehicle is quite spacious, with a generous 33.4 cu-ft of trunk volume. It goes even more due to fold-flat rear seats. Since there’s an option to remove the roof and doors, it enhances cargo flexibility.

You will even find a decent storage compartment in the cabin. This includes under-seat storage, interior bins, two front cupholders, two rear cupholders, a center console storage compartment, etc. Often, the roof racks provide enough cargo-carrying options that make it well-suited for off-road adventures of any kind.

Safety Features

Since the Ford Bronco Raptor is an off-road beast, it needs to be equipped with advanced safety features to provide top-notch protection. For that, the vehicle incorporates advanced driver-assistance systems like adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring, and lane-keeping assist. All these features help prevent accidents on the road.

For additional off-road safety, the Ford Bronco Raptor features more safety components, like a Multiview camera system that helps improve visibility, particularly during challenging off-road terrains. The overall construction of this vehicle is highly robust and brings rollover protection and airbags as a part of its safety suite.

That said, this vehicle excels in providing a secure driving experience, whether you navigate smooth city roads or rough off-road terrain.

Ford Bronco Raptor’s Stand Among Competitors

The major rivals of the Ford Bronco Raptor include the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon and Toyota Land Cruiser. Compared to these, the Bronco Raptor easily stands out due to its powerful engine and outclass off-road performance. Other than that, its advanced, well-tuned suspension system and specialized off-road modes make the Bronco Raptor one-of-a-kind.

It also outpaces its competitors when it comes to technology and infotainment systems. Overall, the innovative off-road aids and comprehensive safety features make it an amazing off-road vehicle that every off-road adventurer craves.


Modern infotainment and high-level safety features

Advanced 4×4 capability

Ample storage space and versatile interior

Exceptional off-road performance on any terrain


The rear passenger seat is quite limited

High starting cost

Higher maintenance cost than other vehicles


2022 Ford Bronco Trim LevelPrice (USD)
Base Advanced$32,095  
Big Bend$32,095
Big Bend Advanced$36,580
Black Diamond$37,950
Black Diamond Advanced$38,745
Outer Banks$41,355
Outer Banks Advanced$42,945
Badlands Advanced$44,495
Wildtrak Advanced$49,780
Everglades Advanced$53,000
Raptor Advanced$68,500


Ford Bronco Raptor is indeed an embodiment of off-road excellence. If you are an off-road adventurer seeking an off-road capability, the Ford Bronco Raptor is the perfect option. Its outstanding performance, improved suspension for conquering the toughest terrains, and advanced four-wheel-drive system make it a striking off-road beast. You won’t see any limitations in any of the features, whether it’s design, performance, or interior. It is a well-rounded package, which makes it an appealing vehicle and the perfect choice as a modern convenience in a rugged SUV. Overall, it’s an excellent car, offering an exhilarating driving experience while giving you the freedom to enjoy the outdoors with an open roof and doors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I get the Ford Bronco Raptor with specialized mounts for carrying objects like bicycles, boats, etc.?

Yes, Ford does offer different kinds of mounts and racks that are designed particularly for carrying adventure gear. Have them attached separately; you can carry kayaks, bikes, boats, or any other gear of your choice.

Can we do underwater crossing with the Ford Bronco Raptor?

This vehicle has a water fording capability of up to 37.0 inches; however, it shouldn’t be used for full water submersion or underwater crossing.

Can I accommodate larger aftermarket tires without any modifications?

Of course! Wheels of larger size can easily be accommodated in Bronco Raptor’s wheel wells for better off-road capability.

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