Toyota Corolla GR – More Than Just a Sedan

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Overview of Toyota Corolla GR

GR is short for Gazoo Racing, and the Toyota Corolla GR is very different from any other vehicle produced by Corolla. GR is basically an exceptionally high-performing variant of the very popular compact sedan of Toyota Corolla. GR is not like any other vehicle; this one brings more of a sportier experience. The sporty exterior with more aerodynamic enhancement and unique styling cues sets this car apart from the rest of the Corolla models. You will see a fine chassis and a well-tuned suspension system in this compact sports sedan. All the focus is kept on delivering an exceptional driving experience.

This is just the right vehicle if you are looking for a compact sedan with a sporty edge and improved performance without sacrificing much on the core attributes.

Origin and Evolution

When we look into the history of the Toyota Corolla GR, we find that it is just the recent work of Toyota’s commitment to motorsport and performance. The first GR was launched on March 31, 2022, and it has a rich history of participating in several motorsport events, including the World Rally Championship (WRC) and the Le Mans 24 Hours.

The concept behind Gazoo Racing was to infuse the popular Corolla model with a more performance-oriented and sportier vehicle. This became a reality and resulted in the production of Toyota GR Yaris.

After the success of the GR Yaris, the demand for sporty compact cars boosted; hence, Toyota decided to expand the GR lineup even further and included the Corolla as well. After rigorous testing and refinement and the incorporation of advanced technology and engineering, we see what today is known as the Toyota Corolla GR. Toyota now has a dedicated GR factory in Motomachi, Japan.

Power, Performance, and Efficiency

You will find a turbocharged three-cylinder engine under the hood of the Toyota Corolla GR, which is borrowed from the GR Yaris. This engine can make 300 horsepower and make 43 hp more than its Yaris counterpart. This vehicle comes with a six-speed manual transmission, which is also the only transmission available. Other than that, all its models come with a four-wheel-drive system.

Due to the GR-Four system, the drivers have the option to choose one of the various power distribution modes. Here are the options:

  • 60/40 front-to-rear split, perfect for everyday driving
  • A 30/70 split helps in drifting antics
  • A 50/50 split provides maximum traction for racing

Depending on the driving modes, drivers can customize the vehicle’s performance characteristics with great ease.

There are also several updates in the suspension system of GR and its powertrain that make it one-of-a-kind in the sports compact car segment.

Exploring the Interior Features

Typically, the interior of the Toyota Corolla GR is similar to the standard Corolla hatchback. The interior gives sporty vibes, having excellent bolstering. They keep you well in place even during spirited driving. Overall, the interior is made of soft-touch and good-quality material. Contrast stitching and carbon-fiber-like trim to enhance interior appeal. Other than that, the steering wheel in Corolla GR is designed with an economic grip and a sporty touch. Similarly, there are aluminum pads that add a touch of performance-inspired aesthetics and sportiness.

Interior Color Options

While there are six exterior color options for the 2023 Toyota Corolla GR, you will not see many options for its interior. Generally, it has a stylish design with a much darker theme of grays and blacks. Here’s what other options you might see:

  • Gray – a more neutral option
  • Black – a classic and sporty choice
  • Aluminum or metallic trim – gives a modern touch

Exploring the Infotainment Technology

There’s an 8.0-inch infotainment display you will find in the 2023 Toyota Corolla GR that is prominently placed on the dashboard. It has an amazing resolution and smartphone integration. The integration is possible both through Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Moreover, you can pair your mobile phone with the infotainment system using Bluetooth. Voice commands are also supported that help you control a number of functions solely with your voice, without moving your hands off the steering wheel.

There’s also a built-in GPS navigation system in some Corolla GR models. USB and auxiliary ports for charging and connecting devices are also typically available.

Space and Storage in Toyota Corolla GR

When we look into the rear side of the cabin, we will find it quite congested, so much so that adjusting three adults is a difficult task. While we cannot complain about the 37.6-inch headroom, there’s only 29.9-inch legroom, which is insufficient. In general, we are not a big fan of Corolla GR’s interior.

Coming to the trunk, there’s only a 17.8 cubic feet space. You will be happier with the trunk space of the Morizo edition, which has 36.6 cu-ft, but at the expense of rear seats. The cabin storage of Corolla GR is also not very varied, but there are twin cupholders in the center console, a tray placed ahead of the center console, and average door bins.

Safety Features

All the vehicles of Toyota come with amazing safety and driver-assistance features. We see the same thing when it comes to the Toyota Corolla GR. There’s a bunch of safety features that include:

  • Forward collision warning and automatic emergency braking – Warns the driver and helps avoid a crash
  • Blind spot monitoring – Alerts the driver with audible or visual warnings
  • Lane keep assist and lane departure warning – Alerts the driver when the car drifts out of the lane
  • Adaptive cruise control – Adjust the car’s speed and maintain distance from the vehicle ahead
  • Multiple airbags – Protects during collision
  • Traction control – Prevent wheel spin on slippery surfaces
  • Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) – Improve steering control

Toyota Corolla GR’s Stand Among Competitors

Toyota Corolla GR makes a good rival in the compact sports sedan segment, offering amazing performance, value, and practicality. Among its rivals, we have the Volkswagen Golf GTI, which provides a competitive powertrain and high-performance levels with an appealing sporty design. The lower maintenance cost and long-term reliability are where Corolla GR overcomes the Golf GTI.

Similarly, we have the Hyundai Veloster N, which is a potent performer and possesses some aggressive styling, that too at a competitive price. Corolla GR only has to present a more extensive dealership network and better long-term reliability against Veloster N.


Balances efficiency and power perfectly well

Have a good resale value as they retain their value over time

Features strong cornering grip

Outstanding six-speed manual transmission


✘ A lot more expensive than other Corolla models

✘ Strange interior noise

✘ Uncomfortable ride on rough roads

Decoding Fuel Economy of Toyota Corolla GR

The 2023 Corolla GR is one of the most fuel-efficient models in its class and is aimed at purely excellent performance. With the 1.6-liter three-cylinder engine, this vehicle succeeded at giving a decent fuel economy, having its EPA of 21 mpg city and 28 mpg highway. However, this is far less compared to a standard Corolla hatchback.

Nonetheless, the choice of transmission and driving habits greatly affects the fuel economy. Changing the engine can also result in fluctuations in fuel economy.

Pricing and Trim Levels

Here’s the estimated price of the 2023 Toyota Corolla GR:

Trim LevelsPrice
2023 Toyota Corolla GR Core$35,900
2023 Toyota Corolla GR Circuit Edition$42,900
2023 Toyota Corolla GR Morizo Edition$49,900


The Corolla GR boasts Toyota’s reputation for ensuring peace of mind for owners as it offers long-term reliability. This vehicle comes with a top-notch infotainment system and modern design, which enhances its appeal. In short, this car is very different from any other vehicle offered by Toyota up till now.

It, indeed, is the car that excels in long-term reliability and practicality. The updated suspension, top-class chassis, and responsive handling combined with so many other features give a top-notch driving experience and make this car a great choice for car enthusiasts. It is just the perfect option for those looking for an affordable and accessible sports sedan.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Toyota Corolla GR available as a sedan or a hatchback?

You will typically see the Toyota Corolla GR as a sedan, which can also be considered a sporty version of the standard Corolla sedan.

Does Corolla GR come with an all-wheel drive (AWD)?

Yes, some variants of Corolla GR come with all-wheel drive (AWD), having better stability and traction.

Is the Toyota Corolla GR a fuel-efficient car?

Indeed, this vehicle offers quite a reasonable fuel efficiency for a sports sedan in its class. However, fuel efficiency depends majorly on the engine choice and driving conditions.

What makes Corolla GR unique?

Apart from the three-cylinder, it is the all-wheel-drive system that makes this vehicle unique.

How many seats are there in Corolla GR?

The typical configuration of the Toyota Corolla GR consists of seating for up to five passengers. However, one of its variants, that is Morizo Edition, lacks rear seats and has been replaced with a storage area.

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