The last Real Citroen: The Citroën CX GTi

The all-time hit Citroën CX GTi is one of the most excellent and influential cars of all time and a masterpiece of automotive engineering and design. Its unique and iconic presence, state-of-the-art technology, and smooth, comfy ride make it a genuinely extraordinary vehicle.

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Citroën CX GTi Back View

Developed by the French automaker Citroen, The Citroën CX GTi is a classic masterwork that made a historical mark on the automotive world in its age. With a futuristic design in its era, the Citroën CX GTi possessed remarkable engineering and high-performance abilities, symbolizing Citroën’s vow to revolution and modern designs.

Citroën CX GTi  Front View


Citroën CX GTi  Right Side View

The bulky, front-engined, front-wheel-drive exclusive car, Citroën CX, was first introduced in 1974 and reigned till 1991 as a successor to the iconic Citroën DS.

Citroën CX GTi  Front Left Side View

The CX focused on the same concept of Innovation and modernism that branded its predecessor. The CX was popular because of its vast range of high-performance engines and exciting features like hydropneumatic self-leveling suspension and a low drag coefficient.

Interestingly, the nameplate of the CX is not just a nameplate but a symbol of the drag coefficient in aerodynamics.

Citroën CX GTi  Race Look

The GTi variant of the Citroën CX was introduced in April 1977 and was meant to give the CX’s elegance a sportier touch.

Citroën CX GTi’s Excellence

Citroën CX GTi Front Side Left View

Based on the CX, the Citroën CX GTi featured a unique design, including a distinctive aerodynamic shape and a sleek nose. Other cool features included a Bosch L-jetronic injection system, a hydropneumatic self-leveling suspension system, reduced drag, and a transverse engine. These designs were visually striking, and the parts were highly functional.

What’s Under the Hood?

Citroën CX GTi Underhood View

At the heart of the Citroën CX GTi was a vigorous 2.4-liter inline-4 engine that produced 128 hp and 196 Nm of torque with the capability of accelerating from 0-60 mph in 10.1 seconds and having a top speed of approximately 118 mph according to Citroenet.

By today’s standards, these figures may not be impressive, but according to the standards of the era it was part of, the ’70s, it’s pretty competitive.

Citroën CX GTi Chesis View

With front-wheel drive and a 5-speed manual, the Citroën CX GTi could propel off the line and carry a good pace with good timings to beat any of its competitors in its time.

Drive of the Citroën CX GTi

Citroën CX GTi  Drive View

The true standout feature of the Citroën CX GTi was its innovative technology. Its signature hydropneumatic suspension system gave a remarkably comfortable and smooth ride.

Citroën CX GTi Suspension Review

This suspension system automatically adjusts the car’s ride height, providing a smooth and streamlined ride regardless of the road conditions.

The self-centering power steering system made the ride amazingly stable and gave the car good handling at high speeds, and full power braking ensured elite stopping abilities. The steering, being this technologically advanced, was accurate.

Citroën CX GTi Driving Pleasure

The powerful engine would give the required power output on curvy roads and the highway, and the 5-stud light alloy wheels wrapped in Michelin XVS tires would provide all the grip one needs.

In the city, this car was a head-turner; its sleek and innovative design would make you buy it. Being a fastback sedan, there’s a lot more to its silhouette. Its fastback design, straight lines, and the rear fender covering half of the rear wheel was an iconic move. Its midsize made it ideal for driving in the city, making parking and driving in busy conditions a piece of cake.

Interior of Citroën CX GTi

The Interior of the Citroën CX GTi is a mixture of French aesthetics and Citroen’s motive to be unique and distinct from others.

Citroën CX GTi Interior View

With a sense of sophistication and luxury, the Interior held the most iconic power self-centering steering wheel with an iconic single-spoke steering wheel design.

Citroën CX GTi Interior View From Side

The cabin of this sedan is roomy as it provides ample room for both front and rear passengers. The seats of the Citroën CX GTi are plush and furnished with high-quality materials that show royalty.

Citroën CX GTi  Dashboard View

The dashboard and instrument cluster are well-planned and well-arranged with easy-to-read and use characteristics, retaining the distinctive retro charm. Citroën also went for the fav favorite rotating drum speedometer and rev counter.

The central console has the optional radio, ashtray, cigarette lighter, electric front window controls, press button switches for the heated rear window, and a perfect interior lamp. The low noise levels of the Citroën CX GTi are incredible, as the cabin is hushed. This is because the Interior is so well-built with excellent insulation and its remarkable suspension that also plays a significant role in sound muffing.

Exterior of Citroën CX GTi

Citroën CX GTi Exterior View

The exterior of the Citroën CX GTi is forever iconic. Its innovative design, characterized by an aerodynamic shape, makes it a standout.

Citroën CX GTi Exterior Side View

Its unique design didn’t just mean pleasing aesthetics but also functionality. The Citroën CX GTi’s subtle sporty touches are a treat, such as alloy wheels and the fastback design, which added a flair of aggression to the graceful design.

Citroën CX GTi Front Exterior View From Side

Even today, the timeless overall look of the Citroën CX GTi turns heads on the roads.

Real-world MPG

Though the Citroën CX GTi has a feisty engine, its fuel efficiency fluctuates highly. With an average of 14 mpg in the city, 28 mpg on the highway, and 21.6 mpg overall, this car doesn’t quite satisfy here. But an unsatisfactory fuel efficiency for a high-performance automobile like the Citroën CX GTi is justifiable.

Expert’s Verdict on Citroën CX GTi

Experts from Honest John Classics say:

The CX GTi received a fair bit of work to run that Garratt TO3 turbocharger – although you’d never know it looks at it. Besides its gorgeous T-slot alloy wheels with Michelin TRX 210/55VR 15s and a few Turbo badges, you’d never know that this car packed 168bhp and – more tellingly – 217 lb-ft. The large rear spoiler indeed held to its name – the drag coefficient of the Turbo was 0.36. This looked decidedly unremarkable in a post-Audi 100/Renault 25 world.


Citroën CX GTi View

The all-time hit Citroën is one of the most excellent and influential cars of all time and a masterpiece of automotive engineering and design. Its unique and iconic presence, state-of-the-art technology, and smooth, comfy ride make it a genuinely extraordinary vehicle. Looking at it, it seems this vehicle wasn’t built for any competition but stood out with the finest of appearances, taking people to another era of automotive fineness and elegance.

Citroën CX GTi View Of Elegance

The GTi is more than just a car; it’s a work of art on four wheels, a living proof of Citroën’s fineness in engineering and craftsmanship. As automotive technology has evolved and advanced so much, the CX GTi remains a timeless retro.

Pros and Cons of Citroën CX GTi


What is the significance of the GTi variant in the Citroën CX lineup?

The GTi variant of the Citroën CX was introduced in 1977 to add a sportier touch to the CX’s elegance. It featured a distinctive design, advanced engineering, and high-performance capabilities, making it a sought-after choice among car enthusiasts.

Is the GTi fuel-efficient?

While the CX GTi offers high performance, its fuel efficiency is not its strongest suit. It averages around 14 mpg in the city, 28 mpg on the highway, and 21.6 mpg overall. However, considering its high-performance nature, these figures are reasonable for its era.

Is the Citroën CX considered a classic car today?

Absolutely. The Citroën is not just a car; it’s a work of art on four wheels. Its timeless design and enduring Style have solidified its status as a classic automobile, appreciated by enthusiasts and collectors for its historical significance and elegance.

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