The Grand Touring Icon: Unveiling the BMW 635 CSi’s Timeless Allure

BMW 635 CSi

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The BMW 635 CSi is a car that blends performance with luxury in a way that only a classic BMW can. In this journey, we’ll rediscover the charm of this iconic grand tourer, tracing its lineage and lasting impact on car enthusiasts around the globe.


Overview: The Pinnacle of the E24 Series

The BMW 635 CSi is a crown jewel of the E24 lineup, a series known for its perfect balance of style and speed. Alongside its revered sibling, the M6 E24—also known as the M635 CSi—this vehicle carved out its own legacy.

  • Collector’s Delight: Today, the 635 CSi is honored among collectors, appreciated for its driving purity and classic BMW engineering.

  • Market Presence: In the collector’s market, well-maintained 635 CSis are not just cars; they’re treasures embodying an era’s spirit.


History: Birth of a Legend

BMW 635 CSi

The BMW 635 CSi’s story began as a quest for a more accessible grand tourer without compromising on the distinctive driving experience associated with the brand.

M6 E24 Connection:

The 635 CSi and the M6 E24 shared the same beating heart of BMW’s grand tourer vision but were tuned to cater to slightly different drivers: the 635 CSi embraced great touring luxury, while the M6 E24 upped the ante with motorsport-inspired performance.


Variants: The 635 CSi Family Tree

The BMW 635 CSi lineage is a rich tapestry featuring distinct variants designed to suit various tastes while maintaining the core ethos of the model.

Standard 635 CSi:

The base model set the bar with robust features and commendable performance.

Luxury Version: For those who value comfort, this version added opulent touches to the interior and a smoother ride.

Highline Model:

A late-80s introduction, the Highline variant brought more luxury features, including a fully leather-covered cabin.

Motorsport Edition:

While not a complete M6, this edition had sportier touches and a closer feel to the M6 E24 without the higher-performance engine.


Key Stats at a Glance:

BMW 635 CSi

The following stats are standard across all the different variants

Engine3.5-liter M30B35 inline-6
Power Output218 hp (European version)
Transmission5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic
Top Speed138 mph
0-60 mph7.4 seconds

The improvements on the higher variants are detailed below

Luxury Version Highline Model Motorsport Edition
Additional soundproofing Exclusive leather trim options More luxurious seat materials
Enhanced climate control Heated seats with memory function Air conditioning with automatic regulation
More luxurious seat materials Shadowline exterior trim Performance focused

Each of these versions of the 635 CSi brought something unique to the table, ensuring there was a 635 CSi for every type of grand touring enthusiast.


Exterior: Elegance Meets Sportiness

BMW 635 CSi

The BMW 635 CSi exudes a timeless allure, bridging the gap between elegance and athleticism. It sports the distinctive shark-nose front end, a hallmark of classic BMW design, and a sleek profile that suggests both luxury and speed.

Key Exterior Features:

  • Shark-Nose Front End: This iconic design feature Si an aggressive yet sophisticated appearance with its forward-slanting kidney grille and headlamps.

  • Streamlined Silhouette: The long hood and short rear deck are characteristic of the grand tourer style, emphasizing the car’s performance potential.

  • Pop-Up Headlights: A signature element of 80s automotive design, lending the 635 CSi a blend of retro charm and functionality.


Interior: A Cockpit of Luxury

Inside the BMW 635 CSi, comfort and style converge. The spacious cabin is crafted with premium materials, ensuring every journey is an indulgent experience.

Interior Highlights:

  • Driver-Centric Dashboard: The instrument cluster and center console are angled towards the driver, enhancing the feeling of control and engagement.

  • High-Quality Materials: Options like plush leather seats and polished wood trim provide an atmosphere of luxury.

  • Ergonomic Design: Seats and controls are designed for comfort and ease of use, making long drives pleasurable.


Engine: The Heart of the 635 CSi

BMW 635 CSi Engine

At the core of the BMW 635 CSi’s performance is its robust engine, a testament to BMW’s engineering prowess.

Performance Specifications:
  • Engine: The 3.5-liter M30B35 inline-6 engine is known for its durability and smooth power delivery.

  • Output: With 218 hp (European spec), it delivers a spirited driving experience without compromising refinement.

  • Transmission Options: A precise 5-speed manual for enthusiasts or a smooth 4-speed automatic for those who prefer a more relaxed drive.


Driving Experience: The Essence of Grand Touring

BMW 635 CSi

The BMW 635 CSi is not just a car; it’s a grand tourer that epitomizes the joy of driving – a perfect blend of power, precision, and poise. Let’s delve into what makes the 635 CSi’s driving experience captivating.

General Driving Feel:

  • Balanced Dynamics: The 635 CSi strikes a delicate balance between comfort and sportiness. On open roads, it cruises with effortless grace, yet when called upon, it displays an eagerness to take on twisty turns with composed agility.

  • Suspension: While tuned to offer comfort over long journeys, its suspension system retains enough firmness to make the driver feel connected to the road without being overly harsh.

Acceleration and Power Delivery:

  • Smooth Operator: The 3.5-liter engine is a model of smooth operation. The power comes on linearly, providing a sense of relentless forward motion rather than a sudden burst of speed.

  • Torque Band: With a generous spread of torque, the 635 CSi doesn’t always require downshifting to overtake or surge ahead. There’s ample power throughout the rev range, making it versatile in city traffic and highways.

Steering and Handling:

  • Steering Feedback: The steering is communicative, providing a direct line of communication between the road and the driver’s hands. It’s weighty enough to give a sense of security at high speeds while remaining light enough for easy maneuvering at low speeds.

  • Handling Poise: When it comes to handling, the 635 CSi displays a poise that belies its size. The car remains flat and composed through corners, giving the driver a high degree of confidence.

Braking and Stability:

  • Confidence-Inspiring Brakes: The braking system is robust, offering progressive and predictable stopping power. The pedal feel is reassuring, and the brakes perform consistently, even under repeated use.

  • Stability at Speed: High-speed stability is exemplary, with the car feeling planted and secure. Even at autobahn speeds, there is a notable absence of wind noise and vibration, contributing to the car’s solid and stable demeanor.

Feedback and Engagement:

  • Road Communication: The 635 CSi excels in communicating with the driver. Every nuance of the road surface is conveyed through the seat and steering, giving the driver a clear sense of control.

  • Shifting Pleasure: The gear shifts are a tactile pleasure for those with the manual transmission. The precise gearbox has well-defined gates and a satisfying mechanical feel that encourages enthusiastic driving.

Driver Comfort and Ergonomics:

  • Seat Support: The seats are designed to support and comfort equally. On long journeys, they provide excellent support, and the adjustability means that drivers of all sizes can find an optimal driving position.

  • Control Layout: All controls are thoughtfully laid out and within easy reach, minimizing driver distraction and allowing for a more focused driving experience.

BMW 635 CSi gear

The BMW 635 CSi offers a driving experience that is as refined as it is exhilarating. It invites drivers to travel from point A to point B and savor every mile in between. The sensation behind the wheel is one of connectedness – to the car, the road, and the storied heritage of BMW’s grand touring ethos. Whether it’s the engine’s melodious hum at cruising speed, the feeling of the chassis rolling smoothly over undulations, or the lively feedback through the wheel during spirited drives, the 635 CSi remains an engaging and delightful companion for the true driving enthusiast.


Driver Aids and Safety Features:

BMW 635 CSi Features

The BMW 635 CSi hails from an era where driver aids were minimal, and driving was a hands-on experience. While it doesn’t boast the electronic aids found in modern cars, it does have features that make it advanced for its time:

  • ABS Braking: The 635 CSi was equipped with an anti-lock braking system (ABS), a significant safety feature during the 80s, helping to prevent wheel lockup during challenging braking situations.

  • Rigid Construction: BMW’s focus on a wooden body structure meant better protection during a collision. The car’s solid build quality improved safety and enhanced the vehicle’s overall driving dynamics.

  • Passive Safety: The interior is designed with safety in mind, featuring a well-supported seating position, and for later models, airbags became standard, offering additional protection.

Modern Considerations:

It’s worth noting for potential buyers that Si has charm and mechanical purity, it lacks the comprehensive safety nets of traction control, stability control, and advanced airbag systems that are standard today.


Should You Buy a BMW 635 CSI in Today’s Market?

Owning a BMW 635 CSi today is about embracing the essence of classic motoring. Here’s why it might be a compelling buy:

  1. Timeless Design: Its classic lines are as beautiful today as they were when it first hit the road. As a piece of automotive history, it continues to turn heads and stands out in a sea of modern designs.

  2. Driving Purity: For those who yearn for an analog driving experience, the 635 CSi offers a pure, engaging ride that’s hard to find in modern cars laden with electronic assists.

  3. Collector Value: As a well-maintained 635 CSi becomes increasingly rare, its value as a collector’s item grows. It represents an intelligent buy for enthusiasts looking to own a piece of BMW’s storied history.

  4. Mechanical Simplicity: Its relative mechanical simplicity compared to modern vehicles means that maintenance and repairs can often be more straightforward, assuming parts availability.

Compared to the M635 CSi:

If you’re considering its high-performance cousin, the M635 CSi (M6 E24), assessing your priorities is important. The M variant offers a more intense driving experience and a higher collector status, reflected in its price. The standard 635 CSi, while less potent, still provides much of the charm and driving enjoyment at a more accessible price point.

In the end, buying a 635 CSi is about passion as much as it is about practicality. It’s for those who appreciate the allure of a classic BMW and the distinct pleasure of driving a vehicle from a bygone era of automotive excellence.



The BMW 635 CSi is not just a car; it’s a slice of automotive history. Its sleek silhouette is as captivating now as it was decades ago, and its driving experience remains a testament to the engineering prowess of BMW’s golden era. It’s a vehicle that offers a tactile connection to the road, unfiltered by the digital interfaces of contemporary cars. The 635 CSi appeals to those who value the grace of classic design, the thrill of mechanical purity, and the joy of an automobile that truly feels alive beneath their hands.


Pros of the BMW 635 CSi

Cons of the BMW 635 CSi


The BMW 635 CSi is the standard model of the E24 series with a more comfortable setup and lower power output compared to the M635 CSi, which is the high-performance version with a more powerful engine and sportier tuning.

The 635 CSi offers a more mechanical and visceral driving experience, with manual inputs and minimal electronic interference, contrasting with the refined and technology-driven experience of modern cars.

As with any classic car, its value as an investment depends on various factors, including condition, originality, provenance, and market trends. However, well-maintained examples of the 635 CSi have seen a steady appreciation in value over time.

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