Peugeot 408: Futuristic Outside, Practical Inside

Peugeot is renowned for producing some of the most brilliant sporty and practical cars. Just like the Peugeot 405, the Peugeot 408 is a fantastic car with a lot to offer.

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The Peugeot 408 is a car that was introduced in 2010. It has a stylish design, spacious interior, and advanced safety features. The Peugeot 408 offers a comfortable ride and is known for its reliability. The Peugeot 408 is a practical choice for those who want both style and functionality in a vehicle. It has received positive reviews for its performance and handling. With its sleek exterior and modern features, the Peugeot 408 stands out on the road. It’s a car that combines practicality with a touch of elegance.

The French automobile manufacturer used the Peugeot 408 as a nameplate for two different car models.

Peugeot 408 saloon

The Peugeot 408 (saloon)

Peugeot 408 crossover

The Peugeot 408 (crossover)

History and Trims of Peugeot 408

Peugeot 408 top back

The Peugeot 408 (also marketed as Peugeot 408 X in China) is a cross-over car produced by French automaker Peugeot. It was launched in June 2022 as a C-segment vehicle. It is based on the EMP2 platform closely shared with the third-generation 308, and despite sharing the mechanically unrelated to the Chinese market 408 saloon (which itself was based on the previous-generation 308). According to Peugeot, the Peugeot 408 is a blend between SUVs, hatchbacks, and saloons and has been described as a coupe crossover.

The 408 has been produced in Mulhouse, France since 2022 and Chengdu, China since January 2023. In the Chinese market, the model is sold as the 408 X to differentiate it from the older saloon model.

Peugeot 408 launch

Development of the vehicle by the PSA group took seven years due to its radical concept and was led by project manager Aurelie Bresson. The vehicle was codenamed as the P54 during development. The design was inspired by an internal concept car that Peugeot had worked on, which was known as the “2015 Advanced Design”. Its design concept was also featured by the C5x, which shares the same platform as EMP2 and height with the Peugeot 408

There are four trim levels available for the New Peugeot 408.

  • Allure
  • Allure Premium
  • GT
  • GT Blue Leather
  • The extremely limited FIRST EDITION.

Difference between the trims of Peugeot 408

Peugeot 408 front

Allure Premium adds adaptive cruise control and various other drive assist systems, plus keyless entry and 19-inch alloys. Moving to the GT you get Peugeot’s drivers sport pack which adds a selection of driving modes, including Normal, Eco, and sport, plus hybrid and electric for the plug-in hybrid models, and the GT also gets 3D technology for the instrument display, plus large Peugeot lion badges on the front doors.

Generational Analysis

The Peugeot 408 has undergone several generational changes since its introduction in 2010. Each generation brings enhancements and improvements to the car’s design, performance, and features. Let’s take a closer look at the generational analysis of the Peugeot 408.

Peugeot 408 1st gen

First Generation (2010-2014): The initial release of the Peugeot 408 showcased a sleek and modern design. It offered a spacious interior, comfortable seating, and advanced safety features. The first generation was known for its reliability and practicality, making it a popular choice among drivers.

Peugeot 408 2nd gen

Second Generation (2014-2017): The second generation of the Peugeot 408 introduced significant updates and refinements. The exterior design became more dynamic and aerodynamic, giving the car a sportier appearance. Inside, the cabin received upgrades in terms of materials and technology, providing a more luxurious and connected driving experience. Performance-wise, the second generation offered improved engine options, delivering better fuel efficiency and power.

Peugeot 408 3rd gen

Third Generation (2018-2022): The third generation of the Peugeot 408 continues to impress with its stylish design and technological advancements. The exterior features a bold and aggressive front grille, sleek lines, and LED lighting. Inside, the cabin offers a premium feel with high-quality materials and advanced infotainment systems. The third generation also focuses on eco-friendly options, with hybrid and electric powertrain choices available.

Peugeot 408 4th gen

Fourth Generation (2022-present): The fourth generation of the Peugeot 408 was introduced with a range of updates and improvements. It featured a sleek and modern design, enhanced technology, and improved performance. The exterior showcased a more dynamic and aerodynamic look, while the interior received upgrades in terms of materials and advanced features. This generation has improved the electric machinery in the Peugeot 408 such as improving the hybrid performance of the car. The fourth generation of the Peugeot 408 aimed to provide a more luxurious and connected driving experience for its users.

Performance, Engine & Transmission of Peugeot 408

Peugeot 408 engine

The Peugeot 408 offered a range of engine options, providing a balance of performance and efficiency. The engines were designed to deliver a smooth and responsive driving experience, with varying power outputs to suit different preferences. From the base models to the higher-performance variants, the Peugeot 408’s engines were engineered to provide a satisfying blend of power and fuel economy.

The engine options are:

  • 1.2-liter 3-cylinder petrol engine producing 130 hp
  • Plug-in hybrid setups include a 108 hp e-motor paired with a 1.6-liter petrol unit producing 178 and 222 hp and 300 Nm of torque according to TopGear.

Further and detailed engine specs are:

  • 1.2-litre DTS turbo
  • 1.6-litre 4-cylinder, petrol plug-in hybrid 1.6-litre EP6FDT I4
Peugeot 408 5

The 12.4 kWh battery gives the Peugeot 408 40 miles of electric distance solely. The choice of two different power output plug-in hybrid powertrains paired with a 1.6-litre petrol engine is hybrid badged followed by their power output. The specific engine options available may vary depending on the region and model year.

Peugeot 408 front road

All the models and trims of the Peugeot 408 in its fourth generation have an 8-speed automatic transmission coupled to a front-wheel drive. This transmission offers smooth and precise gear shifts, allowing for seamless and responsive acceleration and improved fuel efficiency. With eight gears to choose from, the 8-speed automatic transmission in the Peugeot 408 provides a wide range of gear ratios to optimize performance in various driving conditions. According to Parkers, the Peugeot 408 can accelerate from a standstill to 60 mph in just around 7.6 to 10.1 seconds according to the capability of the engine with the top speed of Peugeot 408 being 130mph. However, the top speed is dependent on the specific model and trim level. For instance, the Peugeot 408 T9 1.6 THP is 134mph. It’s quite fast because of the good engine and two-way hybrid plug-in installed in it.

Driving, Handling & Stability of Peugeot 408

Peugeot 408 drive

The Peugeot 408 has excellent driving and handling stability. Its well-tuned suspension system and precise steering allowed for confident and controlled maneuvering on various road conditions.

The Peugeot 408 has good handling on wet and curvy roads due to its traction control systems and well-tuned suspension. These features helped provide stability and grip, allowing for confident driving even in rainy conditions or curvy roads with its responsive steering and reliable braking, the Peugeot 408 offered a safe and enjoyable driving experience on wet roads. In the city, the Peugeot 408 is just as charming and practical as it is on the highway.

Real-World mpg of Peugeot 408

The fuel average of the Peugeot 408 models can vary depending on factors such as type, driving conditions, and driving style. However, the average these models can achieve approximately with these engines is around 41 mpg in the city and 48.1 mpg on the highway. But it is always a good idea to check the specific fuel economy ratings of the exact model and engine variant you are interested in.

Exterior of Peugeot 408

Peugeot 408 side

The exterior design of the Peugeot 408 is sleek, stylish, and eye-catching. From its bold and dynamic front grille to its elegant and flowing lines, the Peugeot 408 exudes a sense of sophistication and modernity. At the front, the Peugeot 408 features a distinctive chrome-accented grille, flanked by sleek and expressive headlights. The lighting system includes LED headlamps with automatic function, LED matrix daytime running lamps, rear fog lamps, and Rear LED lamps with claw signature.

Peugeot 408 rear

The sculpted hood adds a touch of sportiness to the overall look. Moving along the sides, you’ll notice the smooth and aerodynamic profile, accentuated by the gently curving roofline and the chrome window trim. The body panels are well-proportioned, giving the car a balanced and harmonious appearance.

Peugeot 408 front

The rear of the Peugeot 408 is equally stylish, with sleek LED taillights that wrap around the sides of the car. The rear bumper is designed to complement the overall aesthetics, with integrated reflectors and a chrome accent strip. Overall, the Peugeot 408 exterior design is a perfect blend of elegance and sportiness. It’s a car that stands out on the road, commanding attention with its modern and sophisticated look.

How about the cabin?

Peugeot 408 interior

The interior of the Peugeot 408 is just as impressive as its exterior. It offers a comfortable and stylish cabin.

With high-quality materials and thoughtful design elements. The spacious seating provides ample legroom and headroom for both the driver and passengers. The dashboard features a modern and intuitive layout, with easy-to-reach controls and a user-friendly infotainment system. Peugeot I-cockpit includes:

  • 10-inch HD touchscreen
  • Navigation
  • Virtual I-toggles
  • Bluetooth
  • USB and AUX ports
  • Phone mirroring connectivity
  • A HIFI sound system with 6 speakers.
Peugeot 408 dash

The center console houses a touchscreen display that allows for seamless connectivity and access to various multimedia functions. The Peugeot 408 also offers a range of convenient features, such as dual-zone climate control, keyless entry, and a panoramic sunroof, enhancing the overall driving experience. The seats are well-cushioned and supportive, ensuring comfort even on long journeys. In terms of storage, the Peugeot 408 provides ample space for personal belongings, with well-designed compartments and cup holders throughout the cabin. The trunk is also spacious, offering generous cargo capacity for everyday needs or weekend getaways. Overall, the interior of the Peugeot 408 combines comfort, style, and practicality, creating a welcoming and enjoyable environment for both the driver and passengers. It’s a car that prioritizes both aesthetics and functionality, making every ride a pleasant experience.

Advanced & Safety features of Peugeot 408

Some Interesting and unique features of the Peugeot 408:

  • Adaptive Cruise Control.
  • Lane Departure Warning.
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System.
  • Multiple Airbags.
  • Anti-lock Braking System. Electronic Stability Program.

Expert’s Verdict

Peugeot 408 badge

TopGear experts say:

“Well, we think it is. There’s barely a flat surface anywhere on the car, and it provides a chic antidote to some of the same output from other carmakers in recent years. The 408, to most eyes, carries things off with a bit of panache”


Peugeot 408 end

Peugeot is renowned for producing some of the most brilliant sporty and practical cars. Just like the Peugeot 405, the Peugeot 408 is a fantastic car with a lot to offer. It combines stylish design, comfortable interior, and advanced safety features. But if you’re looking for a stylish family car that will fit mum, dad, and the kids, plus a decent amount of luggage, then it’s worth checking out the 408. The big dilemma is petrol or PHEV. The plug-in hybrid will certainly work if you’re buying it as an economical car plus it gives an extra push too, because of the electric motors. Altogether, the Peugeot 408 is worth considering, if you’re looking in the market for a reliable and enjoyable ride.

Pros & Cons of Peugeot 408

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