Built to Cater to your Practicality: Dacia Lodgy

The Dacia Lodgy is evidence of Dacia's commitment to producing and offering practical, budget-friendly, and comfortable vehicles.

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Meet the Dacia Lodgy

Dacia Lodgy front

When it comes to being impressive, the Dacia Lodgy has earned a reputation for its practicality and affordability as it is a very budget-friendly and versatile Multi-Purpose Vehicle. Unveiled at the 2012 Geneva Motor mutually by Renault and its subsidiary Dacia, the Dacia Lodgy has been a fan-favorite since then. Being part of the Dacia family, this MPV is an economical option for families and individuals seeking a flexible and spacious vehicle.

Dacia Lodgy back

What’s the deal?

Dacia Lodgy stepway

Over the years, Dacia has built its reputation for delivering a highly remarkable value for money, and the Dacia Lodgy is no exception. The fields where the Dacia Lodgy can cater to you the best are:


Dacia Lodgy family car

One of the most outstanding features of the Dacia Lodgy is its affordability. Without even pressurizing the buyers, it delivers promising quality. Dacia has successfully developed a niche in the market by manufacturing and providing budget-friendly cars without compromising on quality, and the Dacia Lodgy is one of them.


Dacia Lodgy golden

Possessing various seating options or configurations, the Dacia Lodgy can house up to seven passengers, making itself a preferable and excellent choice for larger families. For those with a diverse need for extra seating or carrying capacity, for example, carpooling, the Lodgy is a very versatile choice.

Spacious Interior

Dacia Lodgy interior space

Well-utilized interior space and ample room for passengers and their belongings is the main virtue of the Dacia Lodgy. The plentiful headroom and legroom in front and rear seats are a comfortable ride for the passengers and, of course, for long trips.

Simple Design

Dacia Lodgy blue

Not very flashy, the Dacia Lodgy maintains a perfect balance between straightforwardness in design and practicality. Serving as your daily driver, the styling on the Dacia Lodgy suggests that it was meant to get the job done by its affordability, practicality, and functionality and not by looks.

What’s Under the Hood?

Dacia Lodgy engine

The front-wheel drive Dacia Lodgy offers a sophisticated range of engine options paired with either a 5-speed or a 6-speed manual, considering the drivers’ different driving preferences and needs. There are two petrol engines and one diesel engine in two variants, all four inline 4-cylinder engines. These are:

· 1.2 L turbocharged Energy (TCe 115)

· 1.6-liter naturally aspirated engine (MPI 5MT)

· 1.5-liter inline-4-cylinder diesel engine (dCi 5MT and dCi 6MT)

The natural flexibility to the customers here is the availability of petrol and diesel engines. These dynamic choices allow the customers to choose the powertrain that meets their driving requirements. Whether you need a fuel-efficient engine to commute in the city or a powerful engine for highway driving, the Dacia Lodgy has got you covered!

Drive of the Dacia Lodgy

Dacia Lodgy at night

The drive of the Dacia Lodgy is relatively smooth while it pulls neatly with the powerful engines. Due to its irritable clutch, driving in heavy traffic can get burdensome, but it’s pretty pleasant while overtaking vehicles at high speeds on a highway.


Dacia Lodgy interior

The interior of the Dacia Lodgy is where its practicality truly shines. Either five or seven passengers can be accommodated by the Dacia Lodgy, making it one of the few vehicles in its class that can be configured with a seven-seat option.

Dacia Lodgy seats

With ample space in the interior, Dacia Lodgy’s seats are also very comfortable, and the overall build quality of the interior is durable, with firm interior elements to withstand daily rugged family use. The Dacia Lodgy’s infotainment system is much more essential as we compare it to some higher-end models, but it covers the essentials. It has a responsive seven-inch touchscreen display with a navigation system, USB ports, and Bluetooth connectivity.

Dacia Lodgy practicality

The practically perfect Dacia Lodgy offers a vast range of storage compartments inside the cabin, including multiple storage pockets, a spacious glovebox to keep items organized, and cupholders throughout the house. The boot space of 827 liters is ample enough to make the Dacia Lodgy a great-value package.

From the outside?

Dacia Lodgy side

The exterior design of the Dacia Lodgy consists of simple aesthetics. As we know, Dacia keeps complexity out of their emphasis. Hence, the Lodgy is a very plain and simple-looking car. It has clean lines and a straightforward sense of appearance.

Dacia Lodgy style

Due to its seating capacity, one might think that this vehicle would be significant and bulky, but no, the Dacia Lodgy has compact dimensions advantageous for urban use. One key feature of Dacia Lodgy’s practicality is its roof rails, adding extra cargo capacity to carry roof boxes or carriers for adventures like a picnic or vacations. Dacia also provides the owners with a variety of paint colors, including Royal Orchid, Pearl White, Moonlight Silver, Slate Grey, and Fiery Red, allowing them to personalize their Dacia Lodgy’s appearance, keeping the Dacia’s simplicity and functionality undisturbed.

Real-world MPG

Due to the Dacia Lodgy’s high practicality and convenience, we can expect it to be fuel efficient, and yes, it truly is with its impressive and one of the best fuel averages in the business, making it super-convenient for the drivers. The Dacia Lodgy’s turbo petrol engine gives 39 mpg, and its diesel engine gives up to 56 mpg. Truly Lodgy’s wow factor.

Priced at?

According to PLC Auction, the price of the new Dacia Lodgy is $20,185. The maximum sale price can go up to $23,922, and the minimum sale price would be $18,596, making it the most affordable MPV.

Expert’s Verdict

Experts from CarWale quote:

“For what it is, the Lodgy is an impressive MPV. The combination of a powerful 1.5-litre diesel motor, competitive price, well-equipped cabin, practical and spacious interior, and fantastic ride and handling make the Lodgy a well-rounded product. We have always rated the Renault Lodgy highly as a product. Regarding desirability, though, it lacked finesse and is an MPV that prefers function over form.”


Dacia Lodgy practicality

The Dacia Lodgy is evidence of Dacia’s commitment to producing and offering practical, budget-friendly, and comfortable vehicles. It’s an excellent tradeoff for those who prioritize versatility, affordability, and spacious interiors. The range of engine options, minimalistic and straightforward design, and competitive pricing with a combination of excellent fuel efficiency make it a convincing choice in the MPV class. Although the Dacia Lodgy lacks high-end features or flashy aesthetics, it admirably fulfills the role of a family-friendly, practical, versatile, and efficient vehicle, and the price at which it offers its services is highly market-compatible.

Pros and Cons


What are the main advantages of choosing the Dacia Lodgy?

The main advantages of the Dacia Lodgy include its affordability, versatility in accommodating up to seven passengers, practical and spacious interior, minimalistic design, fuel efficiency, and ample storage compartments. It offers excellent value for money and serves as a reliable and efficient family vehicle.

How much does the Dacia Lodgy cost?

The price of the Dacia Lodgy can vary based on the trim level and additional features. According to PLC Auction, the new Dacia Lodgy is priced at around $20,185, making it one of the most affordable MPVs in the market.

How many passengers can the Dacia Lodgy accommodate?

The Dacia Lodgy is available in configurations that can accommodate either five or seven passengers. This flexibility makes it suitable for various needs, such as carpooling or carrying extra passengers when necessary.

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