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Overview of Audi TT

The German luxury car brand Audi is a high-performer vehicle manufacturer. Each of Audi’s vehicles is equipped with style, technology, and its trademark Quattro all-wheel-drive system. Audi TT is one such series and is known as a modern classic sports car. This car is named after the Isle of Man TT motorcycle race, and it stands for ‘Tourist Trophy.’

Audi TTs are available either as a coupe or convertible; they are super fun to drive and amazing to live with. The recently launched TT is in its third generation and presents the perfect blend of the previous two generations. Even now, it’s not as sporty to drive as its rivals; the Toyota Supra and Porsche 718 Cayman.

Besides that, the Audi TT feels modern, exclusive, and smooth to drive. Let us get more insight about the Audi TT to fully understand what the hype is all about.

Origin and Evolution

It all started at the International Motor Show (IAA), which took place in Frankfurt am Main where Audi presented the Audi TT as a concept sports car that is also suitable for everyday use.

Later, in 1995, the Roadster version was introduced as a TTS concept car at the Tokyo Motor Show. The cars thus produced were considered the embodiment of revolutionary automotive design. The first-generation Audi TT, beginning in 1998, though terrible to look at, was fun to drive. The quick-as-lighting dual-clutch transmission was also introduced in Audi for the very first time, called the S-tronic. It typically had a power output ranging from 110 kW to 184 kW.

Moving on to the second generation of TT, which started in 2006, it presented the driving dynamics of an expert athlete. It had power ranging from 118 kW to 155 kW. The lineup was further extended with an S version that produced a power of 200 kW. TT RS was another powerful modification of the TT coupe that delivered a whopping 250 kW. An even more powerful version of TT RS called the TT RS Plus, delivers 265 kW.

The previous two generations of Audi TT were quite problematic. While the first generation had an appealing exterior, it was not that fun to drive. For the second generation, it was such a good performer but didn’t have that eye-catching look.

However, the third generation TT, produced in 2014, has the best of both generations. It got the look as well as the performance. This vehicle turned out to be more innovative, dynamic, and fun to drive than most of its predecessors. Nevertheless, there’s one thing you will notice persistently throughout the Audi TT generations: the round tank cap with that typical TT logo.

Let us see the third-generation Audi TT more in-depth.

Power, Performance, and Efficiency

Considering the latest model of the Audi TT, you will see a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that delivers around 228 horses along with 258 lb-ft of torque. Comparing it with the 2017 model, the similar engine is rated at 220 horsepower. However, the very first model of the third generation provides 211 horsepower and similar torque as the latest model.

That said, we can conclude that there’s pretty much no difference in the engine and performance of the Audi TT throughout the third generation. But there indeed is a modification when going from one generation to another.

Exploring the Interior Features

There’s no doubt that the most appealing feature of the Audi TT is its interior, which has remained modern and minimalist throughout the generations. However, unlike other models and series of Audi, you will not see any infotainment screen. Rather, there is a Virtual Cockpit in Audi, which is available as a traditional set.

The TT and TTS cabins are super chic, having a graceful and contemporary design. The front seats are also super comfortable and spacious, which you would normally not expect from a sports car. This model offers seats for four people. However, the rear seats are best to be used as cargo.

Color Options

You will find the Audi TT in ten beautiful colors. Out of these, Silver has remained to be the most popular choice, giving it that modern touch. Here’s what you can choose from:

  • Brilliant Red
  • Ice Gray
  • Ibis White
  • Samoa Orange
  • Panther Black
  • Suzuka Grey Metallic
  • Phantom Black
  • Estoril Blue Crysta
  • Sepang Blue Pearl Effect
  • Daytona Grey pearl effect

When it comes to its interior, you will find two most common colors, including Palomino Brown and Black.

Exploring the Infotainment Technology

As discussed earlier, the Audi TT doesn’t contain that typical central display screen, which every other car is now equipped with. Instead, there is a digital gauge cluster situated right in front of the driver that displays infotainment functions. Most of which can be controlled by buttons available on the steering wheel. It’s much easier to navigate the menu, and the system also quickly responds to our given inputs.

Space and Storage in Audi TT

Compared to its other rivals, such as boxier BMW, the Audi TT is not spacious at all. It features only 12 cubic feet of cargo space in the coupe, while eight cubic feet of space in the convertible. However, you can fold the rear seats in a 50/50 split to easily accommodate much larger items. Other than that, there’s plenty of in-cabin space that holds up a lot of small items.

Safety Features

The Audi TT received a four-star crash test rating from the Euro NCAP. These vehicles are equipped with standard blind-spot monitoring and front and rear parking sensors. However, both the TT and TTS models are deprived of the common forward-collision warning, drowsy driver monitoring, and automated emergency braking. This drops down the Audi TT’s rank to a great extent as most of its top rivals contain these features as standard.

Audi TT’s Stand Among Competitors

There is a pretty long list of alternatives or competitors for the Audi TT. You can find a lot better vehicles in terms of performance and cost. One of those budget-friendly alternatives is the Mazda MX-5 Miata, which might not run as fast as the Audi TT, but it definitely offers a lot of fun. Similarly, there’s the Porsche 718 available in drop-top body and coupe, providing a range of performance configurations and amazing style. Then, there is the Toyota Supra, known for being an agile and powerful performance engine.

In essence, the Audi TT is not the only car of its kind. You can easily find much better alternatives at much lower prices.


  • Have that stylish and modern look
  • Gives a good fuel economy
  • Super agile handling
  • Super fun to drive


  • The back seats are a little cramped
  • Limited cargo space
  • Not as high-performing as most of its rivals

Decoding Fuel Economy of Audi TT

The second and third generations of Audi TT are equipped with both diesel and fuel engines. The third-generation vehicles are usually rated somewhere between 23 mpg and 30 mpg, depending on the car model, engine, and a couple of other factors. The TTS coupe is more fuel-efficient than most other models.


Audi TT Market PricesPricing
2015 Audi TT  $31,377
2016 Audi TTApproximately $44,000
2017 Audi TT$47,950
2018 Audi TT$50,333
2019 Audi TT$48,350
2020 Audi TT$51,000
2021 Audi TT$64,000
2023 Audi TT$61,900

Drive Abilities

When driving the Audi TT Coupe, we found that it has five drive modes to choose from. Among them, you get the sportiest feel through the dynamic mode as it makes that cool sporty sound from the exhaust pipe and the engine. The suspension of the vehicle is pretty adjustable with all five of these driving modes. Moreover, the rear spoiler functions automatically above 120 kph. The handling is firm at high speeds, and its brakes also perform outclass. Overall, it is one of those cars that should be on your bucket list to drive.


The Audi TT is indeed a sharp vehicle, easy and fun to drive, presenting a distinct style that has stuck to it ever since its production started in 1998. While it is an amazing vehicle with some great features, including the infotainment, interior, performance, and design, the Audi TT cannot compete with most of its rivals. There’s still a huge digital driver’s display as standard and uncluttered interior design that immediately gives that sporty car look.

Though it might not be the best one in the sporty convertibles, it still offers a great drive.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the most common issues reported in the Audi TT?

The coil pack of the Audi TT fails, which is the most common issue reported. Due to this, the engine misfires and delivers very poor performance. This problem is reported in many other Audi vehicles as well, apart from the TT series.

Which is the most popular variant of the Audi TT?

40 TFSI quattro is the most popular variant of the Audi TT series.

How often should I take my Audi TT for servicing?

Audi TT needs servicing every year. You can also consider servicing after covering every 10,000 miles.

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