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Overview of Daewoo Matiz

The Daewoo Matiz is a compact vehicle with a hatchback body style that is best suited for city driving and cruising through busy urban roads. This works best in cities where parking is a big issue. Matiz’s design was first introduced in the late 1990s and brought to the market as an efficient and budget-friendly vehicle. The car was officially introduced in 1997 and continued manufacturing under various names, including Daewoo Joy, Daewoo Matiz, and later Chevrolet Spark. The last name was given when General Motors acquired Daewoo Motors.

The Daewoo Matiz can be found in different trims, including EZ+, Flirt, SE, SE+, Special Edition, Xtra, and Xtra Cool.

If you are someone who prefers a budget-friendly, no-fuss type of vehicle that is to be driven on the city streets, the Daewoo Matiz is the way to go.

Read on to learn more about this vehicle.

Origin and Evolution

Matiz is one of the best cars developed by Daewoo Motors. As for the Daewoo Motors it is a South Korean automotive company that originated in 1937. Initially, it started as National Motors but changed its name a couple of times before coming to Daewoo Motors in 1982.

Daewoo Matiz was introduced in 1997. It was basically a replacement for another small car called the Daewoo Tico. Under the leadership of Giorgetto Giugiaro, Matiz was designed by an Italian automotive design firm, Italdesign. Keeping in mind the needs of an urban car, this vehicle was kept compact yet affordable. The Daewoo Motor engineers worked closely with Italdesign to make this vehicle a reality. Its development started in the mid-1990s.

This vehicle quickly gained popularity when it made its way to the market. It came out as a small hatchback that was truly practical and affordable in every sense. With a simple yet functional interior, Daewoo Matiz was equipped with a space-efficient design to maximize cabin space. This vehicle was well-received in the market, particularly in urban areas.

Since General Motors acquired Daewoo Motors in 2002, the Daewoo Matiz was renamed and sold as Chevrolet Spark in the markets. This vehicle continued to be marketed as Spark and became a popular model of General Motors in their portfolio of small cars.

Matiz received facelifts and other improvements over the years and has seen several generations. This vehicle remained one of the popular choices for urban drivers and budget-conscious people.

Power, Performance, and Efficiency

Since the Daewoo Matiz was a small car, we could see it equipped with small-displacement engines only, like the 0.8-liter and 1.0-liter. These engines are known for their practicality and fuel efficiency. These vehicles were not designed for high performance; hence, they typically produce 50 to 64 horsepower only. However, this strength is enough to cruise through the city streets with great ease.

It had small engines, top-notch aerodynamics, and lightweight construction. Depending on the type of engine, this vehicle was capable of achieving 40 to 45 miles per gallon in the city and could easily go up to 55 mpg on the highway.

It is certainly the powertrain that makes the Daewoo Matiz an economical choice, offering low operating costs. The turning radius and its compact size are just perfect for everyday commuting through the busy city traffic.

Exploring the Interior Features

Step inside the cabin of the Daewoo Matiz, and you will be welcomed with a modest interior. There is plenty of room inside, and the seats turn out to be super supportive. They can easily adjust short to medium-length commutes, thanks to the tall roof that gives a sense of spaciousness in the car. Also, the large windows allow for a clear view, making visibility a strong suit.

Though the interior is not laden with luxuries and tech features, it is enough to have a comfortable ride from one city spot to another.

Color Options

When it comes to colors, you will be amused to know that Daewoo Matiz comes in a range of interior upholstery and trim choices. However, the color variety depends on the trim level and specific model. You may find neutral colors like beige, black, gray, etc., that effortlessly maintain a simple, unassuming look. In terms of exterior colors, the choices again vary widely, and you can find colors like blue, silver, white and red.

Exploring the Infotainment Technology

Since the Daewoo Matiz was produced in the late 1990s, you cannot expect advanced technology features in this vehicle. It was equipped with the basic infotainment technology, which really depends on the trim level and model. There’s a basic radio with AM/FM capabilities and a CD player in a few of those.

You may find some options with auxiliary input and USB ports to connect external devices. Since it’s obvious that the focus was entirely on economical city driving, we do not see a lot of advanced infotainment options.

Space and Storage in Daewoo Matiz

Despite the compact dimensions of the vehicle, the Daewoo Matiz is designed such that it maximizes storage and space. You will find the cabin super roomy, along with well-thought out storage solutions. Though the trunk space is only 104 – 167 l, it can be expanded to 512 – 624 l with the back seat collapsed.

Moreover, there are various compartments and pockets throughout the cabin to keep small items organized in the car. That said, the storage solutions are ideal for a vehicle like this that provides so much at a much lower cost. It is indeed a smart choice for city driving.

Safety Features

There were modest safety features in the Daewoo Matiz that included anti-lock brakes, seat lets, and front airbags for the driver and front passenger. These features were quite basic, and you will not find the more advanced safety features like the electronic stability control and side-impact airbags.

That said, buyers considering Daewoo Matiz for purchasing should know that they cannot get high-end features in a compact car like Matiz, and that too when it comes at such a low price. This vehicle prioritizes affordability and simplicity instead of advanced safety systems.

Daewoo Matiz’s Stand Among Competitors

The competing vehicles of the Daewoo Matiz include the Fiat Panda and the Ford Ka.

First off, we have the Fiat Panda, which was an amazing vehicle compared to the Daewoo Matiz, offering a spacious interior and versatility. It also comes with a variety of engine choices. Panda gained a lot of popularity for its ability to handle different road conditions. But when it comes to maintenance costs and pricing, Fiat Panda is super costly and not as reliable as the Daewoo Matiz.

Another stiff competitor of the Daewoo Matiz is the Ford Ka, which is super stylish, has agile handling and comes with more powerful engine options than the Daewoo Matiz. However, Matiz still outperforms in terms of fuel efficiency and tends to be a lot less pricey than the Ka.


      Excellent fuel economy makes it perfect for everyday commuting

      Compact size

      Available at a budget-friendly price point

      Low operating costs

      Easy to maintain due to its simple design


✘        Lacks advanced safety and other features

✘        Small trunk space due to compact size

✘        It can be a bit noisier


Since the production of Daewoo Matiz has ceased, you cannot find a new vehicle. You can easily get used vehicles from the car market. Expect the price somewhere between $346 – $1670. This tells how economical and practical a vehicle Matiz is.

Drive Abilities

The Daewoo Matiz was engineered and designed such that it could give a practical yet comfortable driving experience. Though it doesn’t turn out to be a high performer, it still offers quite a modest acceleration.

While you will have a super smooth ride when commuting through the city roads, it will be equally uncomfortable at higher speeds due to the noise and vibrations it generates. Other than that, Matiz is a great vehicle, a truly practical and economical choice for daily driving.


People who appreciate economy, practicality, and simplicity in a car should definitely give a second thought to the Daewoo Matiz. This car reflects efficiency in every aspect. From its roomy interior to the exceptional fuel economy, the things are kept uncomplicated, offering a sense of ease.

While it may not have that power and strength, it compensates with its frugality. This vehicle is literally not about impressing; rather, it quietly and reliably takes you from point A to point B without breaking the bank. It is indeed a beacon of simplicity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Daewoo Matiz still in production?

Unfortunately, Daewoo Matiz is no longer in production as it was discontinued. However, you can find these in the used car market.

What key features make the Daewoo Matiz popular?

The affordability, compact size, and fuel efficiency were some key features that made Daewoo Matiz super popular in its time.

What were the common issues with the Daewoo Matiz?

Though Daewoo Matiz was an amazing car, it had limited power and used to produce a lot of noise and vibration, particularly at higher speeds. This raised concerns about its long-term reliability

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