About Us

My story began when I was a child. That time, I developed a love for cars, step by step.

After my studies, I jumped into the emerging digital marketing market as a junior account manager and started building a career there to get money to spend on cars. 

Things went nice, and I could spend more and more money on cars. I finally bought the track Day version of the BMW M2 f87. 

Due to some circumstances, I got rid of it, but I won’t give up until I get back on track with the same or better car, and I hope I will get to a position when I am ready to drive GT4 or GT3 cars as a professional driver.

This project combines my passion for cars and deep knowledge about marketing and how to succeed in doing digital projects like motorcardata.com.

This project won’t be just about writing articles about cars, accessories, services, and motorsports, but I will write about my journey to become a racer.

I would be happy to get in touch with everyone who wants to. 

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